Broadcasting Your Lingerie Fashion Show Via Facebook Live


Affinitas and Parfait | Alberto Lama Photography- LFW

Above: Parfait at LingerieFW.

It seems like a new social media platform (or feature within an existing platform) pops up every other day. And while all of this can create exciting opportunities for brands, it can also be overwhelming. If you’re looking for a new way to connect with your current followers — and amass even more followers, where do you start? If you’re a lingerie retailer and have an upcoming fashion show, you have a perfect opportunity to delve into Facebook Live. Here’s how to pull this off and achieve maximum results.

The Basics

Above: Oh La La Cheri.

The initial aspects to consider when planning a video stream via Facebook Live are the technical components. After all, technical execution can make or break a live stream. The good news is that Facebook has made the process of accessing this new feature pretty straightforward. First and foremost, make sure that the venue for your event has very strong Wi-Fi. Lacking a great Wi-Fi signal can cause interruptions throughout your live stream, or disconnect you entirely.

Secondly, consider what tools you’re going to use. While you surely can use your smartphone to record the event and publish via Facebook Live, you can alternately use a professional video camera. This upgrade in tools can increase the quality of your video radically, and is a worthwhile investment if you plan to live stream frequently.

Above: Inspire by Pscyhe Terry.

Facebook has made it so you can connect nearly any professional camera to your computer in order to publish through Facebook Live, but one recommendation is to use the Magewell USB Capture Dongle as your connection port. You may also want to invest in a superior microphone, so the audio elements aren’t lagging behind your visual components in quality. Make sure you’ve done a test run (or three) so that you’re completely confident in your video camera and microphone’s ability to connect with your computer seamlessly.

Thirdly, be sure you understand all of the Facebook Live settings. For example, for your lingerie show, you’ll want to set the privacy setting to “public” so it’s accessible to anyone. You’ll also want to prepare a compelling description of your event in advance, complete with keywords that your target audience is likely to search for (like “fashion,” “lingerie,” “fun event,” etc.). The more descriptive and enticing the description, the more likely you’ll have a greater turnout of people tuning in.

The Build-Up

Above: Simone Perele.

The work you do leading up to your event is just as important as the show itself. If you don’t get the word out in advance, it can be hard to attract a lot of viewers as it’s happening (which is, of course, the whole point of broadcasting via Facebook Live). The first step is to make sure your runway show has an appealing theme, and to tease out any aspects that are likely to draw a crowd. For instance, are any of your models household names? Or do they have large social media followings? If so, be sure to promote their names and pictures in the lead-up to the show. You can also stipulate in their contracts that your models must share a certain number of social media posts about the event, including what time the event will be broadcast via Facebook Live and how to watch it. Most models are used to being asked to use their social media accounts to promote the brands they work for, and this is a relatively easy way to get a boost in interested viewers.

Furthermore, spread the word throughout your own channels. Send an email to your email list announcing the details of the upcoming live broadcast, and post it on your own social media accounts multiple times in the days leading up to it. If you have any relevant brand partnerships (like with a makeup retailer or a jewelry designer), invite them to be a part of the runway show – and then encourage them to publicize the event as well. These are all ways you can tap into the networks of the other fashion show participants for very little investment on your part, and potentially big returns.

Amway, the world’s largest direct selling company, used similar tactics to build up anticipation for its live broadcast by posting in the days leading up to their Facebook Live stream at New York Fashion Week, which showcased Amway’s Artistry cosmetics. One promotional post received over 530 likes, which goes to show that their audience saw the announcement and was engaged. The post featured relevant hashtags, important information about the stream and a photo — all of which your very own Facebook post should include.

Finally, designate roles. You’ll need someone to host the event, and should choose someone who has done this professionally (you don’t want to take chances with an amateur host, especially with a live event). Plan out a script in advance, so the host has at least a rough agenda to follow. Assign someone to be on the computer, answering live comments as they roll in. Choose someone else to be the producer, and another person to handle the music. It’s key that each person understands their specific role so no task is left unattended.

The Main Event

Above: Lise Charmel.

Lingerie shows are exciting by nature; use this to your advantage! Take the camera backstage in the moments leading up to the show and do a quick, informal Q&A with the models as they get their makeup done. Ask a makeup artist for some makeup tips that viewers can emulate at home. Ask the models about their secrets for self-confidence. The general public loves to feel like they’re being let in on insider information, so play up this behind-the-scenes glimpse. A non-lingerie example of a brand that catered to this natural curiosity that people have was Dunkin Donuts, when they streamed a Facebook Live video in their test kitchen. Doing this kind of behind-the-scenes view makes your brand fun and relatable to your viewers.

Once the runway show starts, keep the camera trained on the action (i.e., the runway). Prepare your producer to give cues to the host throughout the show via an earpiece. This can make the Facebook Live experience especially fun for viewers. For example, the producer can tell the host the name of a viewer who has commented with a question so they can address them on-camera by name. Or the host can ask viewers for song requests, and the producer can relay the requests to the music director so it makes it into the rotation.

Two more points for the host: make sure she introduces herself several times, as your audience might tune in at different times, and also ask her to invite viewers to like and share your video several times throughout the event. This will help your video’s ranking on Facebook and boost your odds of attracting new visitors.

The Follow-Up

When it’s time for the lights to go out, thank your audience for tuning in and give a clear call-to-action. You could include a special discount code, for example, that visitors can use if they head to your site and purchase a lingerie set within two hours of your live stream’s conclusion. Or you can invite them to weigh in on their favorite parts of the runway show via a webform on your website, offering a free lingerie set to one of the respondents (to be chosen at random). This is a good way to capture email addresses of prospects, while simultaneously getting usable feedback about what visitors liked and didn’t like about your runway show.

Then click “finish” and “save”. Remember this important step! Even though the live broadcast ends, you can use the saved video later on other social media platforms (or even send out a snippet of it via email). This is content you definitely won’t want going to waste.

Properly planning and executing a compelling Facebook Live event can take a lot of work, time and resources, but it can be a highly rewarding way to attract new followers and convert them into customers. It can also help you put your lingerie brand on the map, in the eyes of consumers. So as you gear up to give it a try, remember all these nuances and, most of all, have fun with it — and your viewers will too.

Intimatology Helps Lingerie Brands Succeed

Intimatology Curvy Couture Web Design

“[Intimatology] brought the brand to life and made it understandable to the market…” – Evora Russell, Curvy Couture.

When Delta Galil was stumped on how to show new product innovation they called Intimatology founders Erin and Rich Harris. Similarly, the Harris’ were the first call Carol Stella of Champagne Corsets and Designs made when her rebranding efforts hit a wall. And when Curvy Couture’s message wasn’t matching its product quality they turned to the same trusted duo for help.

It’s been five years since Erin and Rich went into business for themselves. Last year the couple founded Intimatology, a full service digital agency that specializes in intimate apparel and legwear.

Intimatology founders Erin and Rich Harris

Above: Intimatology founders Erin and Rich Harris.

However, their roots in the industry go well beyond that—the pair met working in the intimate apparel industry, Erin as a textile designer and Rich as an inventory and receiving manager for a major accessories distribution company. Together the two moved up the ranks fine-tuning their skills in intimate apparel marketing.

So what exactly does a digital agency do for the intimate apparel industry? Rich lists off the company’s arsenal of services including branding, web design, copy writing, packaging, photography, retouching and sales collateral. From a client’s perspective Intimatology does much more than that.

Intimatology Curvy Couture Retouching

Intimatology’s services includes photography and photo retouching.

“Over time, they proved to be real partners,” says Evora Russel, vice president of sales for Curvy Couture who worked with the team on rebranding efforts. “They were more like a division of our company at the time and that’s really hard to find.”

Miriam Cohen, senior retail analyst at Delta Galil has worked with Intimatology on multiple projects. “Most recently they helped us with a need for product photography,” she says. “Like with all the projects we work on together, it was efficiently handled and executed perfectly because they are very systematic in their approach and you can see that right away, even with smaller scale projects.”

Intimatology Delta Galil Photography

“Like with all the projects we work on together, it was efficiently handled and executed perfectly…” Miriam Cohen, Delta Galil.

Intimatology’s work with Delta Galil is what lead them to their partnership with the plus size intimates brand Curvy Couture. “The reason that we went with them at the time was because they both had quite a bit of experience with intimate apparel marketing and branding,” says Russel.

Erin and Rich saw that the company’s message and product were disconnected. “The product was great but none of their marketing reflected the quality of the product,” Erin says. Intimatology gave Curvy Couture a complete overhaul and introduced a more streamlined brand.

Intimatology Delta Galil Package Design

Intimatology is proponent of 3D Photography which they feel is a powerful communication tool.

They designed a new logo. They came up with a new tag line. They rewrote copy, including naming each product. “They brought the brand to life and made it understandable to the market,” says Russel.

In the end, their work yielded the company 4,000 percent growth, online alone. “We created a modern, intuitive, mobile friendly website,” says Erin. “We redesigned and elevated all packaging and brand materials like business cards, catalogs and sales sheets to incorporate the new branding.”

Working with Clients Large and Small

Intimatology Champagne Corsets Product Photography

Champagne Corsets Product Photography

Smaller companies also receive the same attention from Intimatology founders. Stella of Champagne Corsets and Designs reached out to Erin and Rich after interviewing several local website designers for help rebranding her custom corset business.

“I explained to Erin and Rich my vision, along with the mood and image I would like my brand to portray,” she says. “They designed my logo first and then they started building my website. About once a month we set up working meetings, however Erin and Rich gave me complete access to the backend of my website where I can see the progress anytime I wanted. Within months was born.”

“We’re always finding ways to help small businesses succeed,” adds Rich. They hope to make success easy to achieve for all size companies and has geared their business model towards this. “We offer training and support so that companies can do some of what we recommend themselves. We’ve also been making various tools and guides available as free downloads, so entrepreneurs can adopt good habits and strategies without adding a lot of overhead,” he says.

Intimatology’s Secret to Success

Intimatology Champagne Corsets Responsive Web Design

Above: Champagne Corsets’ responsive website designed by Intimatology.

Over and over clients cite attention to detail as the main reason why Intimatology is so good at what they do. It all starts with what the Harris’ call a diagnostic. This in depth look at the client’s company provides them with the tools they need to make recommendations for improvement and execute those suggested changes.

“A smaller scale diagnostic would be as simple as having a conversation and answering some questionnaires,” says Erin. “A large scale diagnostic involves a much more in depth process. We call it Foundation, and it is designed to uncover specific goals, current marketing and creative efforts and their effectiveness.”

Their efforts produce results, too. With so much experience and understanding working with buyers and sales teams, The Harris’ feel confident they can give their clients the right tools to land the biggest accounts.

“Understanding the target consumers of the most coveted retailers is one of our key strategies,” Rich says. “Once brand identities are properly targeted, the messaging resonates with buyers who know their own customers, then our clients start to find it much easier to get in front of them.”

The Power of Presentation

Intimatology Champagne Corsets Responsive Design Process

Rich stresses the power of a great presentation and how cohesive sales collateral can make all the difference when it comes to closing sought after accounts. Cohen agrees. She says that internal creativity can often get stifled and turning to an agency like Intimatology can help shakes things up.

“You can get easily get bogged down with all the stuff that needs to get done in a day and not have the time to think about new ways to present something,” she says. “Nobody wants to see the same boring thing in these sales meetings. You have to bring something new to the table.”

Intimatology Blog

Intimatology shares perspective, insight and observations about the world of marketing, intimates and intimate marketing through their site’s “Articles” page.

The Harris’ are always looking for that ‘something new.’ Erin says her main focus is on what will make the client happy. They have designed a series of targeted questions to learn what that is. Erin asks clients to look forward three years and think about what goals, personally and professionally, they would like to have met.

The reaction from their clients make it clear that they are not only well on their way to achieving the goals that the Harris’ have helped them set, they are surpassing them.

“They really grew our business,” says Russel. “They held our hands through the process because we were just a private label manufacture for 20 years before launching our own brand and so coming into it from just being very green in that regard, they taught us a lot and brought us very far.”

Learn More about Intimatology

Contact: Erin Harris
Phone: 973-241-7440 (M-F 10am-6pm EST)

Bridal List Building and Sales


Parfait Elissa Contour Underwire Bra and Bikini

Above: Parfait Contour Underwire Strapless Bra- microfiber molded cups, adjustable and removable straps, can be worn five different ways (regular, strapless, criss-cross, halter, and one-shoulder).

Is your social media popularity reflected in your brand’s sales?

by Joy Menon

Social Media platforms are great tools to connect with your tribe and gather knowledge of trends, preferences and lifestyles. However, many businesses stress and focus so much on acquiring as many followers possible, that they truly miss out on the facts: actual sales.

Some may argue: “As soon as we get our target number of followers or likes, we will be successful.” Although it’s great for exposure, in order to be profitable, you actually don’t need millions of followers. You DO need people that value your offering and will gladly pay for it. Are your ‘followers’ actually positively impacting sales, or is that number just visually useful for social proof?

NK iMODE Georgina Sizzling Long Slip

Above: NK iMODE Georgina Sizzling Long Slip crafted with Stretch silk Georgette long gown delicately trimmed with silk charmeuse binding straps and surprising back ties, lavish lace inset neckline, mesmerizing eyelash lace mermaid skirt.

This is where you want your customers to visit!

Social media platforms and their rules are always changing and should not be the reliable source for client communication. Your website is where you want your clients to spend most of their time and your client list is essential. Use social media wisely, directing potential clients to your site, and having them provide their contact information.

Below are three great ways to provide value to your clients and build your client list.


Oh La La Cheri Gemma two piece lace-trimmed bra and slip with satin panels and g-string

Above: Gemma two piece lace-trimmed bra and slip with satin panels and g-string from Oh La La Cheri. The brand’s bridal pieces are for the bride who wants a more fashion forward piece for her wedding night.

Staying organized is essential for any bride. Providing any kind of checklist will surely be greatly appreciated. Think outside the box, by helping her plan around her honeymoon packing and how your product fits in with her lifestyle. Many brides are now mixing and matching pieces to create their own unique look, so use that as inspiration.


Inspire Chantilly Lace Long Line Multiway Bra

Above: Inspire Psyche Terry’s Chantilly Lace Long Line Multiway Bra is offered in DD and DDD cups and features the brand’s SPILL PROOF™ Bra Cups, SILICONE STAY™ Bra Band and SLIP RESISTANT™ Bra Straps.

Everyone loves to save money, so offer your own sweet way to help her stay within the budget. A free and useful gift is also an exciting offer, aside from the typical free shipping or percentage off her sale, when signing up. A free gift to be picked up in-store can connect your website with your brick and mortar and provides a perfect opportunity for viewing new collections.


FOXERS Something Blue Bridal

Above: FOXERS’ Light Blue Lace Camisole with White Straps and Lace Boxers. The brand’s garments are made from a butter soft lace that feels amazing against your skin and lies flat so it does not show VPL.

Thinking ahead about her challenges can inspire you to provide creative solutions. Use social media to research and target areas your customer struggles with and see how your brand can help. For example, your brand can provide a unique visual fitting guide, addressing different silhouettes. The opportunities are endless.

Dominique Bridal Colette Lace Corset Bridal Bra 8949

Above: Dominique Bridal Colette Lace Corset Bridal Bra features elegant lace trim that adds a romantic touch to this full-length, super-shaping, low back corset-style bra.

In conclusion, cultivate and develop your potential clients, because they value your offerings and will gladly pay for it. If they take the time to enter their information, they are definitely interested. Happy selling!

Harts of Monmouth Boutique

Harts of Monmouth Lingerie Boutique

“Harts of Monmouth, an enduring family business.”

It takes combining the right elements on a daily basis to make a business last for over 40 years and this is no easy feat in the fashion industry. Yet, mother and daughter team Carol and Barbara managed to put together the right ingredients for their family-run womenswear business, Harts of Monmouth that saw the business go from strength to strength for the past four and a half decades.

Located in the bustling Welsh market town of Monmouth, aptly named Harts of Monmouth specializes in women’s clothing, accessories, swimwear and lingerie, exhibiting an undeniable passion for offering informative bra fitting consultations for ladies who are keen to make use of this service.

Harts of Monmouth

Today Carol Davies and her niece Carrie Francis shoulder the responsibilities of the business, still keeping it all in the family and carrying on the legacy that started in the early 70s. And although warm, friendly service, highly trained and motivated staff and stocking some of the most reputable and renowned brands on the market is still a winning combination for Harts of Monmouth, Carol and Carrie also believe that their adaptability to socioeconomic forces has helped to keep the business undergirded.

In the following interview Carol and Carrie share with us the endearing story of Harts of Monmouth, an enduring family business.

Q&A with Carol and Carrie from Harts of Monmouth boutique

Harts of Monmouth Carrie Davies

“We strongly believe that one of the most important things in a woman’s life is to be comfortable and this starts with her underwear.”

Carrie, Carol, could you tell our readers who might not be familiar with your boutique what Harts of Monmouth is all about?
We are a family owned and run independent ladies fashion store selling clothing, swimwear and specialising in fitting quality lingerie. Our aim is to provide everyone with excellent customer service and to find anyone who wants one a perfectly fitting, comfortable bra.

Forty years in business is a huge accomplishment (congrats!). Could you tell us a little bit about how the boutique started?
Carol purchased the shop along with her mother Barbara in 1972 from Mr Hart. They took over the running of the business nurturing it and growing it in to what it is today. Barbara’s granddaughter, Carol’s niece, Carrie joined the business over 10 years ago keeping it a family affair once Barbara retired.

To what do you attribute your boutique’s success?
Keeping a vigilant eye on the changing trends and adapting ourselves accordingly has allowed us to stand the test of time but the true reason for our success is a friendly, informative and professional team of staff whose top priority is always to give the very best customer service.

Harts of Monmouth Boutique

What have been some of the high points in Harts of Monmouth’s history?
Forty-five years has been a long time with many high points but I think if I had to name one it would be our 40th party in 2012. It was so heart-warming to see so many of our loyal and regular customers popping in to congratulate and celebrate with us and wish us well for the future.

Community Strong

Fit is an important priority for your boutique, could you tell us a little bit about your Bra Fitting Seminars? How do they work and what do they cover?
Years ago Barbara visited some of the local Women’s Institutes talking about the importance of a well-fitting bra but over the last few years, Carrie along with one of our key staff members Georgina, has started them up again with a real passion for making it fun and informative. They start with a brief history of underwear, leading on to a fitting talk and live demonstration, a fun ‘feely’ box game and ending with a quick fire Q & A.

We have obviously got the combination right now as over the last few years we have had an average of two talks per month with more and more bookings coming from recommendations from other groups. Also, the addition of Dawn to our staffing team gave us a contact in to the local girl’s school where we visited the boarders to give a slightly adapted version of the talk followed by fittings for anyone who wanted one (nearly all of them), allowing them to see what a correctly fitting bra should look and feel like.

Harts of Monmouth

Why is it important for the boutique to partner with local schools, Women’s Institute and other organizations?
We strongly believe that one of the most important things in a woman’s life is to be comfortable and this starts with her underwear. A well-fitting bra can change a woman’s life not only by making her comfortable but by improving her posture, changing the way her clothes look and giving her the very best support. We want to spread the word throughout the local area and beyond and what better way to do this than through women’s groups. The statistic that 80% of women are in the wrong bra size is shocking and we would like to see that reduced therefore we feel it’s important for a woman’s bra fitting journey to begin early. This is why we are hoping to visit as many schools as possible in the local area to encourage young girls to have proper fittings and wear correctly fitting bras, therefore setting them up for life in the right size.

The Hart of their Business

Getting back to the boutique, could you walk us through what a customer experiences walking through your door for the first time?
Our customers are greeted with a smile and friendly hello. Downstairs we have a ladies clothing and swimwear department. The swimwear is in store all year round and we stock chlorine resistant pool suits from Tweka and Zoggs; cup sized suits, bikinis and tankinis from Fantasie, Freya, Pour Moi and Prima Donna and the fabulous suits from Miraclesuit. Upstairs we have what many customers describe as an Aladdin’s cave of lingerie from top brands such as Prima Donna, Marie Jo, Fantasie, Freya, Lejaby, Chantelle, Triumph and many more. When a lady comes in store for new lingerie we want her to feel at ease with the fitting experience and our main aim is find her the perfect fit and style to enable her to be comfortable and supported.

#teamselfie #afternoontea #hartsofmonmouth

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“Our staff are very important to us as they are the beating heart of the business.”

We’d love to know more about the Harts of Monmouth team, could you give us an overview of the team?
Carol has been the owner and manager for 45 years this year. She works four days a week and as well as her many years of experience in store she has been on various training courses including a mastectomy and nursing course. Carol has always been in charge of the buying for the shop with the help of her mother Barbara in the beginning and now her niece Carrie.

Carrie joined the family business as a Saturday girl when she was 16 becoming full time at 19. Carrie now has over 10 years’ experience as well as various training courses including a specialist mastectomy and nursing course.

As well as the family we have seven part time staff who are all fully trained in bra fitting. Our staff members vary in both age and experience with Geraldine being our longest serving employee at nearly 30 years! Marjorie has been with us for 15 years and Georgina for over 5 years. Dawn, Gillian, Jamie and Sabira have only recently joined the team but have settled in well and we could not image life without them now.

Our staff are very important to us as they are the beating heart of the business. They represent us to each customer and we could not have achieved the success we are experiencing today without them.

Harts of Monmouth

How is the boutique adapting to changing consumer habits like online shopping and social media?
We have active social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but focus mainly on Facebook as this is where our target customer is using social media the most. Over the last 12 months we have focussed more on social media and less on print advertising as it is more instant and helps keep you in people’s minds. It also allows us to share up to date information as well as our latest blogs which cover everything from new arrivals to personal profiles, tips and advice. As for online shopping we strongly believe our [Unique Selling Point] USP is fitting therefore we do not sell online. We do however have a website that acts like a shop window with all our current stock on, information about what we are doing, what will be arriving soon and much more. We are more than happy to do sales over the phone which allows us to have a personal experience with the customer but we would always recommend ladies go in to their nearest local independent store for a professional fitting rather than just buying online and making do.

Harts of Monmouth bras

What do you see as the biggest challenges facing both retailers and brands in the next few years? How do you see Harts of Monmouth adapting?
I think the recession was a huge challenge that saw consumer habits change as people tightened their belts and tried to reduce their spending but we have seen this change again over the last 12 months with people more willing to spend their money on good quality items that will last. You never know what the future holds but the way to stay on top is to keep your eyes open, adapt quickly and keep costs down where you can without affecting the quality of service you can offer.

What are some current bestselling brands at the boutique?
We stock a huge variety of brands and each has its own niche. Royce is a fabulous British brand that caters for the non-wired market with many mastectomy styles. Fantasie is one of our core fitting brands with their side support shape being an absolute winner in the fitting room. Prima Donna provides the ultimate in comfort, fit and support with a loyal customer base who are very brand loyal. The Panache sports bras are also winners for us, selling to a wide variety of ladies for several different needs. Our newest brand Wacoal is also proving to be a best seller, especially their Halo lace bra.

Learn More about Harts of Monmouth Boutique


Boutique Address
84-86 Monnow Street,
NP25 3EQ
01600 712804

Swimwear Care featuring Eucalan Delicate Wash

Swimwear Care featuring Eucalan Delicate Wash

“Using Eucalan to wash your swimsuit out after each wear will extend the life for many years.” Jennifer Edgar, CEO, Eucalan.

How many of us have tried to save our swimwear for another yearly getaway only to find that it wasn’t worth the space it was stored in? In a trend-driven society this might be fixable by buying the latest seasonal designs anyway to replace the old worn styles but it is also good to know that with the right love and care, treasured beachside pieces can be kept realistically past a single summer fling.

Although it makes perfect buying sense to start with a reputable high quality swimwear item – one that is preferably chlorine- and fade- resistant and retractable after stretch – the truth remains that over time all swimwear apparel – once exposed to environmental agents such as sun, heat, salt and chlorine; natural and applied body fluids as well as physical manipulation – will experience wear and tear.

So, the general idea is to slow down this process through optimum care, making your purchase value for money in the long run. With that in mind, investing in the ideal cleaning product for your precious poolside pieces can go a long way in ensuring that they keep you looking like a glamourous aqua diva with every wear.

It is usually recommended that we keep our swimwear away from harsh detergents and bleach as these can do more harm than good. Mild soap in conjunction with cool tap water can be a good alternative but there are times when more specialist care with a targeted product like Eucalan can give best results.

Eucalan is a no-rinse laundry cleanser that was developed for washing a myriad of delicate fibres such as knits, lace, and silk and is even gentle enough to use on baby clothing and toys.

“Eucalan has over 27 years of solid, positive performance behind it,” says Jennifer Edgar, Chief Executive Officer of Eucalan. “We’ve simplified the cleaning process and eliminated a lot of unnecessary ingredients in our formula. Simple is always best.”

Swimwear Care featuring Eucalan Delicate Wash

Formulated to be natural – Eucalan is said to be free from dyes, optical brighteners, enzymes, bleach, phosphates and synthetic fragrances making it ideal for cleaning swimwear as it is gentle on colors. As it needs no rinsing off once used on fabrics, this makes it perfect for quickly soaking and hand washing underwire and embellished swim pieces that could be otherwise seriously defaced by washing them in the laundry machine.

Infused with aromatic fruit and plant scents, Eucalan turns a wash into a heady sensation which can render laundering your garments less of an unwanted chore.

According to the brand’s blog:

“Giving lingerie, swimwear and activewear a quick wash in the basin is not a laborious task. Eucalan brings to mind a “spa-like” atmosphere. Most people feel refreshed when they use Eucalan, which can be attributed to the light, natural essential oil fragrances which scent the air and your delicate garments as well as the fact that laundering with Eucalan couldn’t possibly be any easier. We recommend our Lavender, Grapefruit or Jasmine scents for their naturally antiseptic properties.”

Due to its delicate preparation, Eucalan can be used every time you need to recover and refresh your swim pieces after spa, beach and poolside use. And just the need for one sink or basin filled with tepid water means that a bottle or few pods of Eucalan is great to throw into your luggage when heading out on holiday so you can look after your prized swimming possessions away from home.

Swimwear Care featuring Eucalan Delicate Wash

“Eucalan is so easy to use when travelling because a teaspoon in the hotel sink filled with water is all it takes to give your swimwear a good bath. Squeeze out the excess water and hang it over the shower rod or towel bar to dry and it’s ready for the next wear,” advises brand CEO Jennifer Edgar.

“Whether you’re in the water or not, it’s important to wash out the day’s perspiration and sunscreen,” she recommends. “Washing swimwear as soon as possible is best to remove everything from the fibers thus allowing the elastics to go back into shape and remove the dull coating on the fabrics. Using Eucalan to wash your swimsuit out after each wear will extend the life for many years.”

And because it’s a consistent formulation, there’s no need to wonder which type of Eucalan is suited to which fabric.

“Eucalan isn’t available in multiple different bottles for different types of fabrics,” says Jennifer. “One bottle does it all and it’s great full-strength as a spot treatment. You just need to decide on your favourite scent!”

The brand provides an informative video on how to use their product to cleanse your swimwear as well as other useful hints that should see your swim and active wear through the summer season and beyond. Just visit

Swimwear Care featuring Eucalan Delicate Wash

Wholesale Questions?

Contact: Jennifer Edgar

Nina Parker Curvy Couture Collaboration

Nina Parker wearing Curvy Coutour's Tulip Lace Push-Up Bra

Nina Parker wants women to start a new bra relationship with Curvy Couture. The actress is teaming up with the full bust specialist for a month-long campaign designed to inform and inspire her fans on the importance of proper bra fit.

“I have had a really hard time my whole life finding bras that fit my nice voluptuous boobs properly…but with Curvy Couture I’ve really found bras that make me feel like I’m not even wearing a bra. And I have to hook my girls up!” explained Nina in a recent video announcing the collaboration.

Each week, the campaign features weekly doses of bra inspiration, real talk and giveaways. The hook up Nina mentioned in her video? That’s a 20% off discount code (NINA20) customers can use on the Curvy Couture site throughout the month.

“We’re encouraging everyone on social media to be part of our journey with Curvy Couture. Start your new bra relationship with Nina Parker & Curvy Couture!” added the brand’s Summer Rose. “Finding the perfect fit will change your life. Tune into every Friday for a new giveaway and be sure to use the hashtag #CurvyInspired to enter.”

Nina and Curvy Couture fans may be wondering how this collaboration got off the ground. Summer explained, that “Surprisingly, the relationship started in a very organic way. Nina reached out to us after seeing one of her girlfriends wearing a Curvy Couture Strapless Bra. After struggling with a lifetime of bra dysfunction she was stunned to see a strapless bra actually supporting a curvy girl. We sent her bras to try and the rest was history!”

Nina and Curvy Couture’s #curvyinspired message is already reaching the masses — Nina was spotted live on USA Today and featured in Modern Wellness Guide talking about the importance of boosting confidence.

Learn More about the Nina Parker Curvy Couture Collaboration

Follow Nina and Curvy Couture for the latest updates on the new campaign and visit for more details.

Questions about Curvy Couture?

For more information about the bras please visit, or email for wholesale inquiries.

NK iMODE Bridal Collections

NK iMODE Georgina Hello Gorgeous Chemise in Ivory

Picking out the perfect lingerie set for your wedding and honeymoon can be a stressful experience. Should one stick with a classy look? A smoldering sexy style? Or something in between?

Luckily, the concierge team at NK iMODE makes shopping for bridal intimates easier. They’ve organized key nuptial styles that fit a bride’s personality: Sweet, Sexy, Classy along with a Bridesmaid category for those looking to treat their bridal crew.

Recently, NK iMODE added Honeymoon nightwear as a new category to make shopping for this momentous life event even easier. The company also expanded its color offering within each bridal category beyond pastels and ivory shades to better accommodate brides with different tastes.

“The new colors include a twist on the usual soft colors, like black, grey and purple to give brides a chance to express themselves.” says NK iMODE concierge, Diana Alvarez.

NK iMODE Bridal Collections

Today, we’re diving into each personality with the brand’s concierge team and Design Director, Patrice Tremblay, for a closer look at NK iMODE Bridal Collections. Each category includes an image and description straight from the brand:

Sweet Bride

NK iMODE Bridal Collections Rebecca Flirty Silk Babydoll Set in Lovely Lavender

Above: Rebecca Flirty Silk Babydoll Set in Lovely Lavender.

“This bride is as sweet-as-can-be and deserves lingerie to reflect her angelic personality. Lace details, ivory shades, and darling styles will light up the honeymoon.”

The Rebecca Flirty Silk Babydoll set in Lovely Lavender is a favorite from the Sweet Bride collection. The short gown features a romantic floral stretch lace bust insert that allows for better support, double spaghetti straps trimmed with satin bows and a silk georgette skirt.

Sexy Bride

NK iMODE Gilda Dropped waist long slip in black

Gilda Dropped waist long slip in black.

“Coming in hot, sexy and smoldering, this bride is all confidence. Her sensuality turns up the heat in plunging necklines, sheer lace, and daring lengths.”

Tremblay notes that brides in this category have been drawn to the Gilda Dropped Waist Long Slip in Black. It’s a beautiful piece. The silk georgette gown features an eyelash lace neckline and a discreet tie-back keyhole.”

Classy Bride

NK iMODE Morgan Cradle Bust Chemise in Ivory

Above: Morgan Cradle Bust Chemise in Ivory.

“Classy Bride includes pastel and ivory styles with added details and more long gowns.”

“She is the ultimate sophisticate. Her bridal lingerie is elegant and fit for a princess. Shell Pink, Crystal Blue, and embroidered mesh complement her perfectly.”


NK iMODE Lucky Gal-Pal Short Kimono and Headband in Retro Rose

Above: Lucky Gal-Pal Short Kimono and Headband in Retro Rose.

“What better way to express appreciation to your bridesmaids than with a gift they’ll adore? Silk robes are sure to make them feel special in helping you celebrate your love!”


Morgan Lace Bralette in Black and Serena Kimono

Above: Morgan Lace Bralette in Black and Serena Kimono.

“Adventures during the day can lead to more into the night with the perfect silk nightgowns for your perfect romantic honeymoon. Explore our top picks of silk lingerie for your special night. Which luxurious nighty will you slip into in your bag?”

NK iMODE Georgina Sizzling Long Slip

Above: Georgina Sizzling Long Slip in Ivory.

Asked why the brand created a stand alone section for this important night, Diana said, “Honeymoon is a concept that is on our client’s mind; therefore, we want to ease our customer’s journey while they look through our honeymoon selection”

The Georgina Sizzling Long Slip Dress in Ivory as one of the standout pieces from the honeymoon collection. The stretch silk gown features a lace insert neckline and an eyelash lace mermaid skirt. “We love the modern twist of an elegant eyelash lace combined with stretch silk crepe-de-Chine featured in Georgina,” he says.

Picking out the best fitting piece

NK iMODE Morgan Lace Spaghetti Chemise in Crystal Blue

Picking out the right garments is just the first step. The bride needs to make sure she’s also picking the right size. For this, NK iMODE’s concierge team is always on hand to work directly with customers to suggest the right garments for their body types. Alvarez says many customers know their shape and will call up asking which styles are best for their particular features.

“Our goal is to make her feel comfortable with her silk. Our collections are timeless investments and she wants to make sure what she buys is the right fit.” she says.

NK iMODE gift box

All of NK iMODE’s products come in a luxurious gift box that doubles as storage.

To help, the brand has published a fit guide on their blog that suggests styles for each body shape and suggests famous celebrities with similar body types. Alvarez says, this has been one of the company’s most popular blog posts and that that customers have provided feedback on how it has helped them select garments. To see this helpful post visit: Best Lingerie for Your Body Type.

Alvarez says, it’s these small details that make their brand stand out and make the experience of online shopping more personal.

“We are luxury brand,” she says. “Striving to provide a luxurious journey. We offer great customer service to help our customers find the perfect piece for themselves or as a gift. We are happy to customize our beautiful packaging with personal messages. We understand that it’s not only about the product, it is the whole experience. Every customer is unique and we understand what she needs and what she wants. We want to go the extra mile.”

Questions about the iMODE Bridal Collections?

Email the NK iMODE Concierge Team
Diana Alvarez:
Lindsay Dober:

For more details on the brand’s bridal and honeymoon offerings visit: NK iMODE Bridal Lingerie.

Knicker Locker Retail Spotlight

Knicker Locker Website

Above: the Knicker Locker homepage.

“We started the company to help our customers find underwear or swimwear that fits correctly and will make our customers look and feel great.”

Gemma Purnell and Nicholas Illes founded Knicker Locker in January 2015, with a mission to help everyone find their perfect set of underwear.

Their main motivation for starting Knicker Locker was to shake up the lingerie industry a little, to deliver an online experience that is fun and functional, catering for the needs of anyone looking for that necessary everyday item, something special, a gift or perhaps a specialist piece.

Knicker Lockers’ Mission is to establish itself as a market leader and to:

“Create an Aspirational Brand delivering Exclusive and Quality Products with Excellent Customer Service” and “Help Our Customer’s Find the Perfect Fit, Style and Size”

A Look at Knicker Locker

Knicker Locker Logo

Owners: Gemma Purnell and Nicholas Illes
Twitter: @knickerlocker
Instagram: @knickerlocker

Store’s Customer Service Philosophy

Knicker Locker founders Gemma Purnell and Nicholas Illes

Above: Gemma Purnell and Nicholas Illes.

With over 8 years of previous experience in the industry, Gemma loves the concept of great fitting, fashionable underwear. The majority of her experience is drawn from her time working in a small boutique brick and mortar lingerie shop where she learnt everything there is to know about bra fitting, design, trends and the fabulous brands the industry has to offer. She has an expert knowledge in Mastectomy bras and prostheses as well as Nursing and Maternity bras having worked with many customers in this regard. All of our call centers and distribution hubs are based in the UK, which means you can expect friendly, efficient and effective customer support when you need it most. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service in helping each of our customers find the perfect fit, whether that be online, on the phone or via one of our excellent advice guides!

Our corporate identity is simple but effective and is applied to all protective packaging and dispatch material to ensure there is clarity and continuity throughout the customer experience. As an added extra we include free gifts, care leaflets, Breast Aware leaflets and delicate wrapping to ensure the customer is thrilled and made to feel special when opening up their Knicker Locker parcel.

The decadent Lyndsey Full Cup Bra is designed for fantastic shape and support with a colourful Art Deco inspired print. The perfect set for the Spring don't you think?? ☀️ #elomi #elomilingerie #knickerlocker #luxurylingerie #springfashion #springarrivals #purplehaze #purplelove #photooftheday #LingerieOfTheMonth

A post shared by Knicker Locker (@knickerlocker) on

Knicker Locker Social Media Approach

While our resource is limited we have been able to achieve an enormous amount with very little in the grand scheme of things. Our Social Media approach is simple yet effective with a focus on providing customers with engaging and helpful content as well as the latest news and ranges on the website.

Our Marketing Executive, Jessica, also writes blog posts for ‘Knicker Blogger’ that contain helpful and informative advice on all things lingerie, swimwear, nightwear and menswear! Her most recent blog posts have focussed on ‘Bridal Season’ and one of our brands ‘B.Tempt’d’.

Our social media followings are exceeding our expectations, we have over 7000 Facebook likes, 885 Twitter followers, 341 followers on Instagram and 142 followers on Pinterest.

Social Media is a major influence on our unique visitors and customers, so we will continue to engage with our followers to share and help them find luxury lingerie that fits perfectly.

List of Brands at Knicker Locker

Amoena, Bermies, B.Tempt’d, Cette, Elomi, Fantasie, Freya, Hanky Panky, Huit, Lepel, Lingadore, Magic Bodyfashion, Mish London, Moontide, Pull-In, Rhythm, Royce, Seaspray, Secret Weapons, Shock Absorber, Soak Wash, Tutti Rouge, Vanilla Night & Day, Wacoal, Waxx

Oh La La Cheri’s Cynthia Herbst

Cynthia Herbst, Oh La La Cheri's Vice President of Sales

An avid runner, Cynthia Herbst says her marathon experience helped shape her outlook on business saying it’s always important to push yourself, to push through preconceived notions of what you should be doing or where you should be.

Cynthia Herbst, Oh La La Cheri’s new Vice President of Sales, sees a way to help lingerie retailers improve their business — product differentiation.

Without this key element, Cynthia warns, boutiques stand to lose out on attracting new customers.

The solution? A brand like Oh La La Cheri.

“What I love about [Oh La La Cheri] is the versatility, the sharp price point, and the craftsmanship.” said Cynthia. “We have over 150 styles and colors and offer sizes that range from small to size 4X.”

Oh La La Cheri

Her mission as Oh La La Cheri’s new VP of Sales is to grow the brand and showcase its collections to even more retailers.

She also wants to share her knowledge and experience with her customers.

Cynthia notes that speciality retailers can boost their relationship with customers by improving customer service.

Oh La La Cheri Charlotte Bodysuit

“What I love about [Oh La La Cheri] is the versatility, the sharp price point, and the craftsmanship.” – Cynthia Herbst.

“I think that over the years, the experience in larger stores has been lackluster,” explains Cynthia. “Many times when consumers, including myself, go into a store there really isn’t a sales associate there to help you or to educate you or to share any of the key attributes of a product.”

“So, from a customer service stand point, I think that by delivering the great fashion look, the great price point and again, the quality, helps the retailer speak to their customer – our customer – together.”

Cynthia comes to Oh La La Cheri from three amazing brands — Eberjey (National Sales Manager), Ralph Lauren (Senior Account Executive) and Levi Strauss & Co. (National Account Manager).Oh La La Cheri

What attracted her to work with Oh La La Cheri was the brand’s energy, it’s founder’s (Nicolas Attard) vision and the growth potential.

“One of the things about working for a smaller brand is that it is very entrepreneurial. You’re involved in the entire the supply chain from design, production to operations. Most importantly, you’re able to have a voice,” said Cynthia. “Nicolas has tremendous leadership capabilities. He wants to hear what everyone has to say and encourages all members of the team for feedback. So that’s a real plus.”

The world of intimate apparel was also a life-long draw for Cynthia as well.

“Through the years, I’ve worked in Kids and Men’s which I loved, but I always wanted to get into Women’s and lingerie,” said Cynthia. “Lingerie is very much on trend and helps send a subliminal message out that women are confident, that they’ve empowered themselves and they accept who they are. That they’re willing to show it and not be bashful. I think that’s an important message that’s working itself more and more to the surface.”

Learn More about Oh La La Cheri


Pin Me Up: The Etched Woman (Lesson 5)

Pin Me Up : The Etched Woman (Lesson 5)

The Maya set in Quartz.

The story behind full bust lingerie brand “Etched Lingerie” is one that I could relate to right away.

Founded in New York City by Ellana Krechmaras, Etched was a passion project that began in 2011. For five years Ellana worked with a team of industry experts, skilled pattern makers and seamstresses to design her dream bra. A bra that would make the fuller bust woman feel, beautiful, supported and comfortable all day long.

In my own words, The Etched Woman can be described as: “Whimsical, ethereal, vintage inspired and strong”. This fashion story created in collaboration with Heidi Calvert Photography, was shot early morning at a local park in Beverly Hills. I really wanted to include flowers to create that beautiful ethereal feel that the brand evoked to me.

I am introducing one design in two contrasting colors from their very first collection, that was just released a couple of weeks ago.The Maya lingerie set in Onyx color and The Maya lingerie set in Quartz.

Picking an Etched bra

The first step to creating this visual story started with picking the right fit for both bras and matching high waist panties. When you head over to the brand’s website, there is a tab titled “Shop” where you get to select one of the two designs that are currently being offered.

You simply click on one of the photos from either The Maya in Onyx or Quartz and then select your size after reviewing it through the Size Guide.

I picked a size 34G for the bras and a size large for the panties, following the size guide.

I really appreciated the fact that the size guide was accurate and frankly these two bras are the ones that fit my body shape the best for everyday low key glam. I believe that it is due to the designs themselves, offering a thicker band, paired with classic high waist panties. I can’t help but feel extremely well supported and not insecure about my tummy area.

It is still hard for me to wear panties that go below the navel under a tight dress, as the lower part of my tummy is still pretty soft. So when I received the two lingerie sets from Etched, I felt like the fit was 100 percent perfect and you can clearly see that in the photos that we created with Heidi. Both lingerie sets offer perfect contouring and hug my curves in all the right spots.

My two new staples

Pin Me Up : The Etched Woman (Lesson 5) The Maya set in Onyx.

I love that the whole brand is about creating two classic staples for the full-busted gals and that the construction of the bras truly is on point. The band doesn’t ever ride up and stays in place even after wearing the bra for a whole day like I did. There are tall side panels that offer further coverage and I must say I did feel fully supported and comfortable throughout the day.

I also adore the floral details that are made of a stretch lace all over the bra and give it that romantic feel that I love. The Maya bra in Onyx has a much darker feel due to the solid black color. And as a woman who loves her black lingerie, I completely embraced that style.

Pin Me Up : The Etched Woman (Lesson 5) Close up of The Maya in Onyx

On the other hand, The Maya Bra in Quartz is such a pin up dream, as I love the colorway so much and it brings out a more romantic almost dream like side. I feel like the two unique designs of the collection can truly reflect the two personalities of one woman.

Sometimes I like wearing darker colors, especially in the evening. Maybe it’s the Parisian in me, but I am just drawn to them. During the daytime especially now that it is Spring in LA, I love wearing pastel dresses and accessorizing with lingerie that matches underneath. I have a thing for pink so the Maya Bra in Quartz fulfills that fantasy. For this set I used all pink accented accessories to complement it. I scored a vintage feather fan from Swift Vintage in Burbank that you can see in two of the shots by Heidi. And I also wore my Veronica Robe from independent British lingerie designer, My Retro Closet and my new black and pink Springolators by Spanish brand, Long Gone Shoes. I wanted the accessories to complement this dream look but not overpower it.

Pin Me Up : The Etched Woman (Lesson 5)

“Whimsical, ethereal, vintage inspired and strong.”

One of the features that I love for both bras are the “Plus straps” and how they help create that sweetheart neckline that fits my bust so well. Even with my dresses, the sweetheart neckline is what I mostly wear, because that’s what looks best on my shape. Sometimes I also love wearing a sheer top, especially if I wear beautifully made lingerie. The Etched lingerie is so well made that the full-busted gals will want to reveal it with pride when wearing it. I’m already looking forward to styling my Onyx bra with a sheer blouse during my upcoming trip in Paris next month as this is my new favorite basic black bra.

To complete the look I will be sure to wear the matching high waist panties, that offer a slight tummy control. I was really thrilled about that, as I still don’t wear body shapewear underneath my outfits.

Feel Empowered

Pin Me Up : The Etched Woman (Lesson 5) This shot was a tribute to Black burlesque dancer Miss Topsy.

I would like to confess that for the longest time I felt a certain shame with the fact that I had gained a few more cup sizes in the bust. Growing up I was always the girl with the biggest breasts and that forced me to be really protective of my femininity. At 9 years old while other girls were still busy being girls, well I was already turning into a woman. Our society does a really great job at shaming women who are too voluptuous or too confident to show their curves.

We all remember that article in Vogue Magazine that stated that cleavage was out of style.
I think every size should be celebrated and designer Ellana Krechmaras sure knows how to make the Etched Woman feel special and celebrated. And remember that confidence is always you 100 percent.

Pin Me Up : The Etched Woman (Lesson 5) The Maya set in Quartz.

– Photos by Heidi Calvert Photography
– Styling by Ooh La La PR

*Get the looks here:
– Presented here are The Maya Onyx set and The Maya Quartz set from Etched Lingerie
– Pink Robe is the Veronica by My Retro Closet.
– Sheer Cape from Glitter and The Moon.
– Black Springolators by Long Gone Shoes.
– Vintage feather fan from Swift Vintage in Burbank.