The Best Eleven DIY Shelving Ideas

Looking for ways to organize and display your stuff? DIY shelving is a great way to take your storage up a level, plus save yourself some money at the same time. From floating shelves to corner shelves we’ve found the most popular and creative diy shelves that you can make yourself. Get some ideas from These 11 Best DIY Shelving Ideas and then try your hand at one.

11 DIY Floating Shelves Thrifty & Chic
10 DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves House of Hawthornes
9 Rustic Bookshelves with Ikea Brackets A Shade of Teal
8 DIY Corner Shelves 4 Men 1 Lady
7 DIY Floating Corner Shelves Shanty 2 Chic
6 DIY Open Shelving The Wood Grain Cottage
5 DIY Farmhouse Shelves Lolly Jane
4 DIY Deep Picture Ledge Place of My Taste
3 DIY Box Shelves I Spy DIY
2 DIY Hanging Shelves Why Don’t You Make Me
1 DIY Leather Strap Hanging Shelf Burkatron