The Best Eleven DIY Terrariums

Terrariums are hot, hot, hot right now. They’re a great way to grow indoor plants in ways that you may have never thought of before, plus they’re very low maintenance, especially for those of us with brown thumbs. Check out The 11 Best DIY Terrariums that’ll perk up your indoor space!

11 DIY Cacti Terrarium A Beautiful Mess
10 Succulent Terrariums Clean Slate
9 DIY Picture Frame Terrarium Ella Claire Inspired
8 How to Build a Terrarium Something Turquoise
7 How to Make a Glass Globe Terrarium By Stephanie Lynn
6 Hanging Globe terrarium Mommy’s Tool Belt
5 DIY Terrarium Pendant Saved by Love Creations
4 Mini Magnetic Terrarium Ruffled
3 DIY Glass Terrariums Why Don’t You Make Me
2 Wall Clock Terrarium Bolig Pluss
1 DIY Terrarium Table Andrea’s Notebook