The Best Eleven Glow Stick Ideas

Glow sticks are not only fun to be worn as bracelets and necklaces. You can actually make some pretty cool crafts with them. From games to party decorations to lanterns, here are The 11 Best Glow Stick Ideas that make the dark more fun!

11 Glow in the Dark Wiffle Balls Smart School House
10 Night Bowling Growing a Jeweled Rose
9 Pop Bottle Firefly One Little Project
8 DIY Glow Stick Centerpiece Live Craft Love
7 DIY Glow Stick Balloons Say Yes
6 Glow Sticks in a Swimming Pool We Have Kids
5 Glow Dance Party Kara’s Party Ideas
4 Glow in the Dark Bubbles RV Kid
3 Glow Stick Tic-Tac-Toe Make and Takes
2 Make a Neon Sign with Glow Sticks Handmade Charlotte
1 Glow Stick Lanterns Happily Dwell