The Best Eleven Herb Garden Ideas

If you’re a culinary expert or want something aesthetically pleasing in the home herb gardens are the perfect garden to grow. You can grow them indoors or outdoors and if you’re limited on space you can always grow a vertical garden. There’s something for everyone! Want to start an herb garden? Check out The 11 Best Herb Garden Ideas for lots of inspiring planting ideas.

11 Mason Jar DIY Herb Garden Crafts Unleashed
10 Vertical Mason Jar Herb Garden Camille Styles
9 DIY Tiered Herb Garden Maveric Kitchen
8 Pallet Herb Garden Zina Wright
7 DIY Indoor Herb Garden Design Sponge
6 Hanging Gutter Herb Garden Her Tool Belt
5 Indoor Hanging Herb Garden The Bird and Her Song
4 Shoe Holder Herb Garden Pretty Plain Janes
3 Chalk Painted Herb Planters Rustic & Woven
2 Wash Tub Herb Garden On Sutton Place
1 Build a Hanging Herb Garden Homesteading