The Best Eleven Wine Glass Crafts

From wine glass terrariums to sand and seashell candle holders, here are The 11 Best Wine Glass Crafts to make using glasses. They’re easy to get your hands on, they’re fairly inexpensive, and can be made into almost anything. These ideas should give you inspiration for your next project!

11 DIY Wine Glass Terrariums Cambria Wines
10 Sip Back and Relax Wine Glasses Happy Go Lucky
9 Dip-Dyed Frosted Tumblers Vicky Barone
8 Add a Pop of Color to Your Glassware Brit + Co
7 How to Etch Wine Glasses Momtastic
6 Wine Glass Cupcake Stand Smart School House
5 Chalkboard Wine Glasses Just Short of Crazy
4 Wine Glass Lamp Shade I Save A to Z
3 DIY Wine Glass Chandelier Marc & Mandy
2 Summer and Sea Wine Glass Candle Holders The Keeper of the Cheerios
1 Seashell and Sand Wine Glass Candle Holders Etsy