The Best Eleven Blanket Scarves

Scarves make the perfect accessory for fall, winter and even spring. Not only do they accessorize your outfit they can actually keep you warm during the cooler months. This stylish accessory is something every girl needs! We’ve found the trendiest blanket scarves that will not only compliment your outfit, but keep you warm. Here are The 11 Best Blanket Scarves.

11 Plaid Brushed Wool Blanket Scarf Nordstrom
10 Cozy Blanket Scarf Anthropologie
9 Nubby Blanket Scarf Urban Outfitters
8 Cozy Plaid Blanket Scarf Urban Outfitters
7 Double Sided Blanket Wrap Nordstrom
6 Ribbed Blanket Scarf ASOS
5 Monogrammed Blanket Scarf Etsy
4 Textured Blanket Scarf Etsy
3 Women’s Blanket Scarf Tartan Plaid Amazon
2 Cozy Striped Blanket Scarf Anthropologie
1 Kate Spade Brushed Colorblock Blanket Scarf Nordstrom