The Best Eleven Trendy Lanyards

Lanyards aren’t just for hanging your identification cards on anymore, they’re a trendy key chain option. Wear them around your neck, as a wristlet or shove them in your bag. You can easily locate them when you have them on a cool lanyard keychain. From rustic leather to beaded here are The 11 Best Trendy Lanyards.

11 Muted Forest Lanyard with Wristlet Strap Etsy
10 Fox iPhone Sleeve Lanyard Etsy
9 Leather Lanyard Etsy
8 Dark Yellow Floral Fabric Lanyard Etsy
7 Kate Spade Cameron Street Lanyard Case Bloomingdale’s
6 Silicone Beaded Lanyard Etsy
5 Rose Gold Lanyards Etsy
4 Wooden Beaded Lanyard Etsy
3 Rustic Leather Lanyard Etsy
2 Cherry Blossom Breakaway Lanyard Amazon
1 Thread Wallets Lanyards Amazon