The Best Eleven velvet fashion ideas

Fall is a fun time to switch up your colorful summer wardrobe into some deeper and richer tones. This year’s hot fall trend is velvet. You can accent your outfit with a touch of velvet or wear it from head to toe, either way it’s perfect for any age. From jeans to jackets to shoes these are The 11 Best Velvet Fashion Ideas that we’re crushing on!

11 Marbella Velvet Top Anthropologie
10 Harlow Velvet O-Ring Ankle Boot Urban Outfitters
9 Chelsea Crew Lola Velvet Heels Anthropologie
8 Love Velvet Quilted Crossbody Bag Nordstrom
7 AG Super Skinny Velvet Leggings Nordstrom
6 Velvet Skinny Scarf Urban Outfitters
5 Burnout Velvet Shift Dress Nordstrom
4 Velvet Pencil Skirt Nordstrom
3 UO Morris Velvet Blazer Urban Outfitters
2 Velvet Fern Kimono Anthropologie
1 Velvet Wrap Midi Dress Anthropologie