The Perfect 5K Playlist For an 11-Minute Mile

Whether you’re prepping for a 5K or you’re ready for race day| this playlist will help you rock out on your run and keep you motivated. Each song 140 bpm ¡ª the perfect tempo to achieve an 11-minute mile. Subscribe to the Spotify playlist| and then check out the full track list.

    “It’s OK” ¡ª Cee Lo Green”Don’t Save Me” ¡ª?Haim”Gimme Sympathy” ¡ª?Metric”All Down the Line” ¡ª The Rolling Stones”Blinded by the Light” ¡ª Manfred Mann’s Earth Band”The Other Side” ¡ª Bruno Mars| B.o.B| Cee Lo Green “Girls” ¡ª?Beastie Boys”Vertigo” ¡ª?U2″Again and Again” ¡ª?Keane”In the End” ¡ª?Green Day

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Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography