3-Ingredient Snacks For Under 150 Calories

3-Ingredient Snacks For Under 150 Calories

When you need to grab an easy snack| check out one of these recipes that are made with three ingredients or less! Craving something sweet? Whip up these popsicle-like yogurt- and chia-seed-covered frozen grapes. Each 10-grape serving is just 52 calories. Keep reading for more simple snack inspiration.

| Frozen Banana Pops

Make these treats with ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen u2014 you only need a banana| yogurt (I used soy)| and chocolate chips. One popsicle is 78 calories.

| Baked Cinnamon Banana Chips

These irresistible sweet little gems are seasoned with cinnamon to satisfy sugar cravings| and the addictive chewiness might have you devouring the entire batch. But don’t worry u2014 half a batch is under 150 calories.

| Smudgies

A frozen snack to satisfy your ice cream cravings| these smudgies are made with banana| peanut butter| and graham crackers.

| Vegan Banana-Oat Protein Balls

Made with just rolled oats| protein powder| and banana| each 47-calorie ball offers 2.7 grams of protein.

| Dried Cantaloupe

Bonus! This snack is only one ingredient and each delicious| chewy serving is just 25 calories!

| High-Protein Banana and PB Snack

If you love the classic combo of banana with peanut butter| jazz your snack up by adding protein powder.

| Striped Apple Cinnamon Fruit Leather

This snack couldn’t be easier. All you need is applesauce from the jar and cinnamon. One serving is just 18 calories.

| Banana Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Another frozen treat| this dessert is made with just frozen bananas and creamy peanut butter| so it makes a healthy 150-calorie snack.

| Chunky Apple Orange Almond Spread

Juicy| sweet| and made with just an apple| raw almonds| and a little orange juice| this spread is only 42 calories and tastes delicious served on crackers.

| Fruit and Nut Bars

If you like Larabars| make your own fruit and nut bars! These 148-calorie bars are made with almonds| dates| and raisins.

| Kabocha Squash Fries

Squash isn’t just for dinner! When french fry cravings strike| bake up these squash fries.

| Carrot Chips

Craving potato chips? Make a healthier version using carrots u2014 each serving is just 79 calories.

| Almond-Butter- and Granola-Filled Dates

Cut a date in half| remove the pit| fill it with some almond butter| top with granola| and yum! This snack tastes like dessert.

| Kale Chips

Bake up a batch of these crispy chips| made with just kale| olive oil| and salt and pepper.