The No-Excuses Workout Challenge: It’s a Cardio Day – So Get Moving!

It’s time to do some cardio in our No-Excuses Workout Challenge. And today we are putting you in charge! You get to pick how to get your heart rate up. It doesn’t matter what you do| as long as you keep moving for 30 minutes. The easiest option is running; just lace up your sneakers and hit the streets. But you can also take Zumba| hit the pool| or hop on your bike. The options are endless.

If you have access to cardio machines| like a treadmill or an elliptical| and want a plan to follow| we have you covered. Here are two options.


Time Speed(MPH) Incline Notes



Time Resistance Incline SPM*

0:00-2:303.05.0110-1302:30-5:005.07.0120-1305:00-10:009.011.0130-14010:00-15:009.013.0130-14015:00-20:009.015.0130-14020:00-25:0011.015.0120-130 / Go backward25:00-27:009.015.0130-140 / Go forward27:00-30:005.05.0120-130

*SPM = Strides Per Minute

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography