The No-Excuses Workout Challenge: It’s a Cardio Day – So Get Moving!

It’s time to do some cardio in our No-Excuses Workout Challenge. And today we are putting you in charge! You get to pick how to get your heart rate up. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you keep moving for 30 minutes. The easiest option is running; just lace up your sneakers and hit the streets. But you can also take Zumba, hit the pool, or hop on your bike. The options are endless.

If you have access to cardio machines, like a treadmill or an elliptical, and want a plan to follow, we have you covered. Here are two options.


Time Speed(MPH) Incline Notes



Time Resistance Incline SPM*

0:00-2:303.05.0110-1302:30-5:005.07.0120-1305:00-10:009.011.0130-14010:00-15:009.013.0130-14015:00-20:009.015.0130-14020:00-25:0011.015.0120-130 / Go backward25:00-27:009.015.0130-140 / Go forward27:00-30:005.05.0120-130

*SPM = Strides Per Minute

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography