A Short and Sweet Sweat-Inducing Elliptical Workout

Burn calories and build up a serious sweat in just over 30 minutes with this elliptical workout. The accompanying playlist will only help to motivate as you switch up the speed| resistance| and direction.

If you’re still new to a cardio routine| stay at the low end of the SPM (strides per minute) spectrum| and if you’re looking to push yourself with something more advanced| stick around the higher number on the SPM range. Subscribe to the Spotify playlist so you have it ready to go at the gym| and then check out the full workout below.

Song Resistance *SPM Notes

“Call It What You Want” ¡ª Foster the People4120-130Warmup”Burn” ¡ª Ellie Goulding6140-160″Falling Out” ¡ª Body Language8110-120Pedal Backwards”I Look to You” ¡ª Miami Horror| Kimbra6160-170Sprint”Lose Yourself to Dance” ¡ª Daft Punk| Pharrell Williams10100-120Pedal Backwards”Drunk in Love” ¡ª Beyonc¨¦| Jay Z8140-150″Overflow” ¡ª Little Majorette5120-130Cooldown

*SPM = strides per minuteIncline = 20 percent

If this mix isn’t your style| then check out all our workout playlists here to find something that suits your needs and taste.

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Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography