A Short and Sweet Sweat-Inducing Elliptical Workout

Burn calories and build up a serious sweat in just over 30 minutes with this elliptical workout. The accompanying playlist will only help to motivate as you switch up the speed, resistance, and direction.

If you’re still new to a cardio routine, stay at the low end of the SPM (strides per minute) spectrum, and if you’re looking to push yourself with something more advanced, stick around the higher number on the SPM range. Subscribe to the Spotify playlist so you have it ready to go at the gym, and then check out the full workout below.

Song Resistance *SPM Notes

“Call It What You Want” ¡ª Foster the People4120-130Warmup”Burn” ¡ª Ellie Goulding6140-160″Falling Out” ¡ª Body Language8110-120Pedal Backwards”I Look to You” ¡ª Miami Horror, Kimbra6160-170Sprint”Lose Yourself to Dance” ¡ª Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams10100-120Pedal Backwards”Drunk in Love” ¡ª Beyonc¨¦, Jay Z8140-150″Overflow” ¡ª Little Majorette5120-130Cooldown

*SPM = strides per minuteIncline = 20 percent

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Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography