An Easy Way to Get 30 Minutes of Cardio In!

It’s time to do some cardio in our No-Excuses Workout Challenge. You’re in charge today because you get to choose how to get your heart rate up. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you keep moving for 30 minutes. The easiest option is running; just lace up your sneakers and head outside. But you can also swim, bike, jump rope, or take a Zumba class. The options are endless.

If you would like a little more guidance, we have some plans for you to try ¡ª one using a treadmill and one using a bike, in case you have access to some cardio equipment.


Time Speed (mph) Incline RPE*


*RPE = Rate of Perceived Exertion


Time RPE* Notes

0:00-5:003Warmup5:00-5:307-8.5Sprint5:30-6:303-5Recover6:30-7:007-8.5Sprint7:00-8:003-5Recover8:00-8:457-8.5Sprint8:45-9:453-5Recover9:45-10:307-8.5Sprint10:30-11:303-4Recover11:30-12:307-8.5Sprint12:30-13:303-4Recover13:30-14:307-8.5Sprint14:30-15:303-4Recover15:30-16:007-8.5Sprint16:00-17:003-5Recover17:00-17:307-8.5Sprint17:30-18:303-5Recover18:30-19:157-8.5Sprint19:15-20:153-5Recover20:15-21:007-8.5Sprint21:00-22:003-4Recover22:00-23:007-8.5Sprint23:00-24:003-4Recover24:00-25:007-8.5Sprint25:00-26:003-4 Recover 26:00-30:003Cooldown

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Kat Borchart