Today’s Your Day to Get Moving For 30 Minutes

It’s time to do some cardio in our No-Excuses Workout Challenge. And today we are putting you in charge! You get to pick how to get your heart rate up. It doesn’t matter what you do| as long as you keep moving for 30 minutes. The easiest option is running; just lace up your sneakers and hit the streets. But you can also swim| bike| or boogie. The options are endless.

If you would like a little more guidance| we have some plans for you to try one with stairs and one with an elliptical| in case you have access to some cardio equipment.


Time Move

1 minuteRun up and down the stairs1 minuteRun up and down the stairs sideways| switching sides every time you ascend the stairs1 minuteForward lunges: alternate between stepping the right foot on the first step| and then the left1 minuteDouble leg jumps: starting on the ground| jump both feet onto the first step| then jump back to the ground1 minuteToe tap: alternating tapping bottom step with your toes| jumping from leg to leg1 minuteSide squats: elevate your right foot on the first step for 30 seconds| then repeat on the left side for 30 seconds


Time Resistance SPM*

0:00-2:003Warm up2:00-5:005Warm up5:00-10:007155-16010:00-15:001014015:00-18:00716018:00-21:001015021:00-24:00716024:00-25:001015025:00-26:00814026:00-27:001015027:00-30:007-5Backward

*SPM = Strides per minute

Set elliptical incline to 20 percent.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Ericka McConnell