Press Play and Move! Sweat With a 4-Part Video Plan

Press Play and Move! Sweat With a 4-Part Video Plan

If you’re jonesing for a fresh workout| it’s time to press play (well . . . four times) with a 40-minute workout; it’s a compilation of some of our favorite 10-minute routines. Get ready to jump| skip| lift| dance| and punch your way through an awesome sweat session.

| Part One: Scorch Calories With 10 Minutes of Cardio

Start things off with a 10-minute calorie-scorching routine that will help your body burn fat and build heat. Best of all u2014 with no equipment required| this workout is completely excuse-proof.

| Part Two: Dance Your Way to a Sexy Butt With PlyoJam

Get your sexy on with PlyoJam| a fun and spirited workout that combines dance moves with exploding plyometrics. This part of the workout will challenge your speed| agility| and balance| while keeping a huge smile on your face from start to finish.

| Part Three: Tone and Strengthen Your Inner Thighs

Warm weather brings out those leg-baring fashions| and whatever you’re wearing| toned inner thighs will help you rock your look. The third segment of this workout focuses on toning and tightening the inner thighs but still works the rest of your body.

| Part Four: The Lazy-Girl-Approved Plan You’ve Been Waiting For

The last 10 minutes of your workout don’t even require you to leave the floor! Grab a set of weights| sit down for your next workout| and move through these full-body exercises. Once you’re finished| you can enjoy the rest of the day feeling energized with a workout under your belt.