Run a Faster 5K With Our 6-Week Plan

It’s time to dust off your fitness goals for Spring and join our Running Challenge. If you’re feeling the need for speed| we have a 5K training plan for you. Designed for experienced runners| the plan is full of speedwork to help you push your training pace and get that new PR (personal record) on race day. Along with tempo runs and intervals| we’ve added a dynamic strength-training workout to keep your legs| glutes| and joints strong to help you run even faster.

And we are here to support your speedy endeavors with running tips to improve your form| playlists to keep you motivated and on pace| and advice on nutrition and recipes to support your goals.

Check out the training plan below| print it| and get at it!

Extra Credit

Here are guides to help with your nonrunning training.

5-Minute Core WorkoutFoam Rolling Routine For Rest Days Plyo and Strength Workout to Build SpeedYour Postrun Must-Do Stretches

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Ericka McConnell