This 60-Minute Cardio Playlist Will Keep You Pumped

For those days when you know you have to hit the gym but need a little extra motivation| Barry’s Bootcamp instructor Allie Cohen has you covered. She shared with us a heart-pumping hour-long playlist that will put a little pep in your step no matter how much you’re dreading your workout. From pop to hip-hop| these songs are sure to help the time fly by while you log miles on the treadmill or elliptical. See the Spotify playlist below| and then be sure to check out Allie’s 90-minute HIIT playlist| too!

    “Wild Out” ¡ª Borgore| Waka Flocka Flame| Paige”Butters Theme” ¡ª Diplo| Billy the Gent| Long Jawns”Never Will Be Mine” ¡ª Rye Rye| Robyn”Something Bigger| Something Better” ¡ª Amanda Blank”The Way You Make Me Feel” ¡ª Michael Jackson”Up All Night” ¡ª Arty| Angela Taylor”Rabbit Hole” ¡ª Natalia Kills”Bad” ¡ª David Guetta| Showtek| Vassy”Ring the Alarm” ¡ª Beyonc¨¦”Crazy B*tch” ¡ª Buckcherry”Lapdance” ¡ª N.E.R.D.| Lee Harvey| Vita”Jack” ¡ª Breach”I’m Really Hot” ¡ª Missy Elliott”Shake Them Dice and Roll” ¡ª Bull| Lil Joe”Walking on Air” ¡ª Katy Perry”Countdown” ¡ªHardwell| MAKJ

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Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography