The Advice Everyone Should Follow From This 60-Year-Old CrossFit Superstar

Sandy Hill is one seriously fit and inspiring woman. After spending 18 months training for the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games| Sandy took eighth place in the Masters Qualifier Round| sending her straight to the games. Did we mention that Sandy is 60 years old?!

Never one to fall for a fitness fad| Sandy has always led an incredibly active lifestyle. She’s the second American woman in the world to ascend all of the Seven Summits| trained with a Romanian gymnastics coach in her 20s| and became a CrossFit enthusiast in her late 50s ¡ª completely defying preconceived notions of what conventional aging looks like. To achieve what she’s accomplished| it’s no surprise that Sandy is committed| but like any person| she experiences moments where she needs extra motivation to stay engaged in such strenuous training. She has a self-proclaimed high threshold for pain| but there’s one tip everyone can take away from this awe-inspiring woman: she isn’t afraid to address her feelings during a workout.

Sandy never ignores emotions that come up for her during a workout. Instead| she chooses to acknowledge them| and more often than not| she finds that “the feeling is fleeting.” It might seem strange| but you’ll be surprised what happens once you listen up and try to get honest about what’s really going on. You’ll often find that any negativity or self-doubt you experience naturally dissipates after acknowledgement; and instead of giving up| walking out| or having a sub-par sweat workout| you’re able to recommit and keep going. The next time your strength-training session| sweaty indoor-cycling class| or training schedule feels like too much| think of Sandy. You might not be training for the CrossFit Games| but you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

Image Source: Charlie Mason