25 Amazing Yoga Poses Most People Wouldn’t Dream of Trying

25 Amazing Yoga Poses Most People Wouldn’t Dream of Trying

We’ve all had a Polly or Peter Pretzel in our yoga class| and admit it u2014 you can’t help but ogle a little at their awe-inspiring strength and flexibility. It’s inspirational| and it gives a little insight into what years of practice can lead you to. But let’s face it: some poses are just flat-out out of the question. Get ready to be wowed when you see these amazing advanced yoga poses. Would you try them?

| Handstand Scorpion

Handstand is hard enough| but when you throw an intense backbend in there| it might be a little too challenging for most people to want to try.

| King Pigeon Pose

Talk about a backbend! This one known as King Pigeon Pose bends most people more than they’d want to.

| Half Lotus Crow

Ever think to do Crow with your legs in Half Lotus?!

| Iron Cross Headstand

This is one extreme inversion! Definitely not a pose for everyone| but if you’re up for a challenge| here are instructions on how to get into Iron Cross Headstand.

| Scorpion With a Broken Tail

Forearm Stand is a toughie| and bending your knees and resting your feet on your head in Scorpion is even harder| but this creative variation is definitely way more challenging. Would you try it?

| Chakra Bond Pose

This takes Full Wheel to a whole other level most people aren’t willing to go.

| Big Toe Bow

Now Bow pose| most people will try| but this advanced variation where you hold the toes makes your back arch so much| it might feel like it’s breaking in half.

| Peacock

Doesn’t it look like her hands are about to break off from her wrists? Although gorgeous| Peacock pose isn’t for everyone.

| Sleeping Yogi

Both legs behind your head? She sure looks peaceful in Sleeping Yogi| but for most people| it’d be painful.

| Hummingbird

Graceful yet bold| this arm balance requires amazingly open hips| as well as upper-body strength.

| Peacock Variation

Two wows are going on in this crazy variation of Peacock. How does she balance on her hands that way| and how in the world does she get her legs in that bent position?

| Firefly B

A variation of the arm balance Firefly| this guy is folding in half so much that his head is behind his legs. Amazing!

| One-Legged Staff

This headstand and backbend variation is no joke!

| Dropback

Wheel pose may be no problem for you| but dropping back into it from standing? Now there’s a challenge!

| Standing Flying Crow

It’s hard to see| but in this extreme arm balance pose| your right foot is planted on your right triceps. It takes incredible strength and hip flexibility.

| Locust Scorpion

Looks like a move right out of Cirque du Soleil! This Locust variation is all about spinal flexibility.

| Lifted Thunderbolt

Holy flexible back!

| Leg Behind the Head Sage

Sage pose works your core and upper body| but wait u2014 does this guy have his leg behind his head? Gorgeous but intense!

| Dancer Split

Dancer is a balancing pose that most people think of as a backbend| but if you straighten your lifted leg into a split position| it’s a major stretch for the hamstrings.

| Headstand Bow

One part headstand| one part backbend| this pose might be a little too much for most.

| Headstand Lotus

Headstand on its own is a rather advanced move| but not many would try folding their legs into Full Lotus while upside down.

| Frog

It looks painful| but Frog pose is a great way to stretch out the quads. Would you try this one?

| Pinching Shoulders Headstand

Balancing on your elbows and head seems like it’d break your neck!

| Handstand Lotus

Can you imagine being so steady balancing on your palms that you can fold your legs into Full Lotus without using your hands?

| Eight Crooked Limbs

Defying gravity it seems| this arm balance is also an extreme twist. Want to give it a try? Here are instructions on how to do Eight Crooked Limbs.