All Organic and No Meat Either ¡ª?Amy’s Drive Thru Is a New Kind of Fast-Food Joint

All Organic and No Meat Either u2014u00a0Amy’s Drive Thru Is a New Kind of Fast-Food Joint

Fans of Amy’s Kitchen frozen foods are sure to be very excited over this news: the first Amy’s Drive Thru recently opened outside of San Francisco. Amy’s has everything you’d expect from a fast-food spot: it’s quick| convenient| and low-priced| but that’s where comparisons stop. You won’t find any meat at Amy’s. Instead the menu consists only of vegetarian and vegan options| all of which come from organic and non-GMO ingredients. It’s definitely a welcome change to all the supersized offerings currently in the market. If these opening-day photos are any indication| it’s looking like Amy’s is going to be the new hotspot in town to grab a meal when you’re on the go.

| All organic| no GMOs

It’s the first fast-food joint of its kind| and everything at Amy’s is made with organic and non-GMO ingredients (all of which are peanut- and egg-free). Not only that| but there are gluten-free and vegan options available for all menu items.

| We couldn’t have said it any better

“”YOU GUYS| AMY’S IS OPEN!! I’m losing my mind right now!!””

| Runs on Love

Powered in part by solar energy| Amy’s also has a living roof| which helps to reduce the building’s energy needs. The site also has a water tower to collect rain| which will be used to water the roof.

| The Amy

Amy’s version of a Big Mac and Double-Double is made with two veggie patties| two slices of cheese| lettuce| tomato| onion| pickles| and Fred Sr.’s Secret Sauce in regular or spicy.

| Have it your way . . .

The burger is totally customizable| and you can order The Amy without cheese or on a gluten-free bun. Pair it with a glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade and some fries (a bowl of chili| cheese fries| or chili-cheese fries)| and lunch is served.

| Meet Master Chef Fred Sr.

He’s the man behind the burger’s secret sauce. He also has a pretty impressive salad spinner.

| Fresh from the oven

The burger buns are made fresh each and every day u2014u00a0and always from scratch.

| Is this really fast food?

The salads at Amy’s are more than just a few romaine leaves pieced together with two cherry tomatoes and packaged dressing. Not only do all the vegetables come from local farms| but the topping choices are everything you would hope for: quinoa| pumpkin seeds| goat cheese| tofu| dried cranberries| and hummus are all options.

| The crowd favorite gets a makeover

If you love Amy’s frozen macaroni and cheese|u00a0you’re going to die for the drive-through version| made on site and from scratch. There are three varieties to choose from (all which come as vegan options| too). We can’t wait to get our hands on the broccoli cheddar mac with breadcrumbs.

| Did someone say dessert?

Get excited for milkshakes! Best part? Nondairy shakes are available| too!

| Choices

What will you order?

| Too many decisions . . .

Can’t decide? Order one of everything. Just bring along some friends to help you eat it all.