An Easy Kitchen Hack That Will Save You Calories and Fat

An Easy Kitchen Hack That Will Save You Calories and Fat

Avocado has a lot more going for it than guacamole. Whether you’re vegan, lactose-intolerant, or just looking to cut back on dairy, avocado makes an easy u2014u00a0and healthy u2014u00a0replacement. Aside from adding a creamy consistency to dishes, it ups the fiber content and is rich in B vitamins and heart-healthy fats. The next time you’re making a dish that calls for milk, butter, cream, or cheese, you’ll want to take a look at our guide to see how easy it is to replace those ingredients with the green goodness of avocado.

| Butter in Baked Goods

No one will ever know that you swapped the butter out of your favorite cookie recipe with an avocado. In the end, you have a rich dessert that’s moist, chewy, and lower in both calories and cholesterol than traditional baked goods. It’s an easy swap, too. Just replace half the butter in a recipe with avocado. While it may be tempting to do an even 1:1 swap, you’ll want to refrain unless you like flat, pancake-like baked goods.

| Cheese and Cream in Sauces

Sometimes nothing will do except a comforting bowl of creamy pasta. And while you might think your heaping plate of fettuccine alfredo is irreplaceable, you’re wrong.

This green goddess dressing, which is perfect for your everyday salad or as a veggie dip.

| Cream in Iced Treats

Just in time for that backdoor bash is a trio of frozen treats: avocado frozen yogurt, green tea and avocado popsicles, and coconut avocado creamsicles. Depending on your dietary preferences, you can make a completely vegan frozen dessert or simply cut down on the amount of dairy in a recipe.

| Milk in Smoothies

There’s nothing like a smoothie u2014u00a0when made right, it’s a healthy meal in a cup. For anyone lactose-intolerant, it can be hard to make a rich and creamy smoothie minus the milk. Once again, avocado to the rescue! Throwing some avocado into a smoothie recipe immediately gives the drink a thick and creamy consistency, much like a milkshake. Get started with our avocado aloe smoothie, or try this spicy avocado and berry smoothie instead.