Banana Oatmeal Crumb Muffins That Skip the Oil For Avocado Instead

On some mornings, an ¨¹berhealthy kale and blueberry smoothie or tofu scramble is what your tummy craves ¡ª but not today! You want a sugary, sweet, soft, and moist baked good. But you know grabbing one from a local coffee shop is just going to make you feel like crap, with all the white flour and nutrition-less sugars. So bake one of these instead!

While this recipe does contain sugar, each muffin has only 17 grams of sugar. And this breakfast treat is packed with tons of healthy ingredients: naturally sweet banana for potassium, fiber-rich flaxmeal instead of eggs, healthy-fat-filled avocado in place of butter, soy yogurt for some protein, and pea protein powder for even more ¡ª 5.2 grams apiece. Add the crunchy oatmeal crumb topping on top ¡ª oh my ¡ª and these taste way more decadent than you’d expect from a healthy muffin recipe. Bake up a batch for yourself, for a family brunch, or for a classroom snack, and everyone will be asking for the recipe.

Banana Oatmeal Crumb Muffins With Avocado

From Jenny Sugar, POPSUGAR Fitness

Banana Oatmeal Crumb Muffins With Avocado


If you skip the crumb topping, it’ll save 32 calories per muffin.