Treat Yourself to Chocolate Banana Overnight Oats For Breakfast

The following post was originally featured on Eating Bird Food and written by Brittany Mullins| who is part of POPSUGAR Select Fitness.

Oats| banana| almond milk| chia seeds| and chocolate protein powder come together to make a quick and easy| healthy breakfast option that tastes like dessert.

You do the prep work the night before so the oats are soft and ready to eat come morning. No cooking required! I’ve made (and shared) so many different overnight oat variations| but this one is a little different because there’s chocolate involved. It’s like dessert for breakfast| only healthy and packed with protein| healthy fats| and smart carbs.

Per the usual with overnight oats| the process is quite simple. Throw your oats and chia seeds in a bowl.

Add the protein powder| mashed banana| and almond milk. Stir| stir| stir . . . until all the protein powder has dissolved. Put the mixture in the fridge overnight.

Get a good night’s rest. Wake up| take the oats out of the fridge| and top with banana slices and cacao nibs. Add a big spoonful of almond butter if you please. It’s never a question for me. If I’m having oats| there’s going to be a spoonful of nut butter involved. That’s it. Time to dig in!

I know the sound of cold oats might sound odd| but don’t knock it until you try it. And if you try it and hate it| you can always just heat them up.

To learn more about this recipe| check out Eating Bird Food!

Chocolate Banana Overnight Oats

From Eating Bird Food

Chocolate Banana Overnight Oats

Banana Overnight Oats Recipe


1 banana| cut in half1 cup old fashioned oats (not instant)1 1/2 cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk4 tablespoons chocolate protein powder1/2 tablespoon chia seeds2 teaspoons cacao nibsDollop of almond butter (optional)