18 Times We’ve Totally Been a Basic Fitness B*tch

18 Times We’ve Totally Been a Basic Fitness B*tch

We’re coming right out and admitting it: when it comes to healthy living| we’re basic b*tches. From the Lululemon we covet to the almond milk lattes we crave| we live and die for our fit lifestyle. Sure| other people may judge us for swapping regular cookies for their vegan cousins| but we’re proud of the healthy (and happy) way we live our lives.

So| we’re taking on the haters and taking the term basic fitness b*tch for ourselves. We love the strong and stylish women we are| and we’ll always take a chance to laugh (especially when it’s at ourselves). Check out our favorite reasons we qualify as basic b*tches| and throw your hands up if you’re right there with us.

| We leave the house in head-to-toe Lululemon

And we don’t even realize it.

| Life without green juice isn’t worth living
“”|””id””:35968802|””type””:””image””|””thumbnail””:””Image Source: Instagram user itsashbenzo

“”|””large_link””:”” We’re not ashamed to share our workout selfies

Also known as healthies.

| We match our sneakers to our outfit
“”|””id””:35968807|””type””:””image””|””thumbnail””:””Image Source: Instagram user nikewomen

“”|””large_link””:”” We try every new trendy vegan| vegetarian| or Paleo restaurant

And then we share pictures on Instagram. #Blessed.

| We spend all day sipping on coconut water

Sure| it tastes weird| but who cares!

| We put flaxseed or chia seeds in literally everything

Sometimes| we put both.

| Mornings aren’t the same without an iced almond milk latte

Pass the stevia| please!

| We tout the benefits of overnight oats and chia pudding

Plus| we always put them in a mason jar.

| There’s nothing better than barre class . . .
“”|””id””:35969071|””type””:””image””|””thumbnail””:””Image Source: Instagram user barrebody

“”|””large_link””:”” Except maybe SoulCycle
“”|””id””:35969077|””type””:””image””|””thumbnail””:””Image Source: Instagram user soulcycle

“”|””large_link””:”” We’re convinced we can make pancakes healthy

They’re vegan! We used buckwheat!

| We can strike a yoga pose just about anywhere
“”|””id””:35969073|””type””:””image””|””thumbnail””:””Image Source: Instagram user alessandraambrosio

“”|””large_link””:”” We’ll shamelessly lighten up any recipe

Gluten-free| Paleo| low-calorie| AND packed with vitamins? We’ve got a winner.

| We’ve lost count of the crazy leggings in our collection
“”|””id””:35969076|””type””:””image””|””thumbnail””:””Image Source: Instagram user popsugarfitness

“”|””large_link””:”” Yes| we’ve attempted a lightened-up pumpkin spice latte

Because every girl deserves to enjoy a PSL.

| We’ve got our stats on lockdown

We’ve got bands and apps tracking our fitness.

| There’s no such thing as too much kale

Kale salad| kale chips| kale smoothie . . . you get the picture.