Start Now! 6-Pose Yoga Sequence to Tone Your Arms by Summer

Start Now! 6-Pose Yoga Sequence to Tone Your Arms by Summer

Bored with your usual dumbbell routine? Then hop on a yoga mat and do these six basic yet effective yoga poses. They’ll target your arms and upper back| and for an added bonus| they’ll also work your core| leaving you strong and sculpted. Flow through all six poses on the right side (holding each for five breaths) and then repeat on the left. Want more? Repeat this short sequence once or twice to really work the upper body.

| Downward Facing Dog

  • Stand on your hands and feet| with arms and legs straight| in an upside-down V position. Hold Downward Facing Dog for five breaths.

| Three-Legged Dog

  • Keeping your shoulders parallel with the ground| lift your right leg into the air| coming into Three-Legged Dog.
  • Hold here for five breaths.

| Knee Up Plank

  • Move into the Plank position (top of a push-up). Hold for five breaths while drawing your navel up.
  • Keeping your shoulders above your wrists| draw your right knee into your chest| holding for another five breaths. Then move back into Plank to prepare for the next pose.

| Sage

  • From Plank| move your right hand over to the left so it’s at the top center of your mat.
  • Roll over to your left side and plant your left heel down so you’re balancing on the outside edge of your left foot| holding Beginner’s Sage Pose (Side Plank). If this is too hard| bend your right knee and place your right foot flat on the ground in front of your left leg for support.
  • After five breaths| lift your right leg into the air and plant the sole of your left foot firmly on the mat| coming into Balancing Star. Hold for another five breaths.
  • Release your right arm down| coming back to Plank| keeping the right leg lifted a few inches above the floor.

| Four-Limbed Staff

  • From Plank| as you exhale| bend your elbows behind you| slowly lowering into Four-Limbed Staff.
  • Keep your abs engaged and your body in one straight line with the right leg lifted. If this is too difficult| rest the right knee on the floor.
  • After five breaths| inhale to Upward Facing Dog and exhale to Down Dog.

| Quarter Dog

  • From Downward Facing Dog| lower your elbows to the mat for Quarter Dog. This variation is easy on the wrists| but tough on the upper body.
  • Keep pressing your heels toward the floor| holding here for five deep breaths.
  • Press into the hands to lift the elbows off the floor| coming back to Down Dog.
  • Repeat this sequence on the left side.