Before and After: Katrina Needed a Change, and She Got One

Need a little weight-loss motivation? Our latest Before and After story comes from one of our own POPSUGAR Select Fitness bloggers| Katrina Elle. Read her story of how she went from “self-conscious girl” to inspiring others to commit to fitness below!

Katrina: Before

POPSUGAR: What made you decide to start?

Katrina Pilkington: I have yo-yo dieted all of my life and then finally in 2010 I realized that every quick fix I tried didn’t work. They did temporarily but taught me nothing about eating or working out well. I was binge eating and then not eating| I was not eating healthy but then binge drinking. I was on the road to not having a healthy life both on the outside and on the inside. I didn’t have healthy relationships whether they were romantic or friendships. I needed a change. I pretty much fell to my knees in prayer one day asking for direction of what to do to get my life on a better and more positive path. I saw a commercial for Insanity and decided to take the plunge and also focus on eating more whole food nutrition. With that combination I broke a 15-pound plateau I was stuck at (after running and being at the gym) and it forever changed my life! I met my husband and so many other positive people in my life and over the course of the last five years am now a fitness coach and instructor myself working to help others build positive and happy lives who may be in a place where I once was.

PS: What’s your favorite way to work out?

KP: I absolutely love using my own body for both strength and cardio for harder bouts of work and for shorter durations| Insanity is my soulmate workout!

PS: What’s your weekly exercise schedule?

KP: I usually teach eight or so classes a week myself ranging from boot camp to PiYo to Insanity so I blend in my own workouts at home in between with Insanity Max:30. I usually work out in the morning four times a week on my own.

Katrina: After

PS: How do you keep workouts exciting?

KP: I have a plethora of workouts at home that I do via DVD and then also when I teach ¡ª I get creative with bootcamps to keep class fun and it also challenges me to do varying workouts to get inspiration from.

PS: How much weight have you lost?

KP: Total| I’ve lost 45 pounds.

PS: What was the first big difference| other than the number on the scale| that really made you feel proud and excited?

KP: I feel that I am most proud of the fact that I’ve now transitioned into making fitness my full-time career. I went from being the quiet| negative| sheltered| self-conscious girl to someone who works to set the example for others.

Katrina: After

PS: How do you track your weight loss?

KP: I start with how my clothes fit and how I feel and weigh myself once a month. Inches| to me| matter more than pounds.

PS: What’s a typical day of meals and snacks?

KP: I usually start my morning with Shakeology and fruit| then a morning snack of veggies and carbs mid morning. Lunch is usually lean protein with broccoli and rice| with an afternoon snack on the go between classes and then dinner! Quest bars and Happy Squeeze are favorite snacks I take with me in my gym bag.

PS: What’s the range of calories you eat per day?

KP: With classes I can eat upwards of 1600-1800 and on days I don’t teach I stick around 1300.

PS: What are the healthy staples that are always in your fridge?

KP: We always have seasonal fruits and veggies| prepped starches and meats for the week| and almond milk (unsweetened) in our fridge.

Katrina: After

PS: How do you strategize meals?

KP: We usually take sunday afternoons to meal prep. We cook chicken in the crockpot| make ground turkey| cook basmati rice in the rice cooker with a veggie in the steamer above| and then roast a few veggies. During the week it makes lunches and meals easier than making new meals daily with us being on the go.

PS: What advice do you have for anyone starting out on a weight-loss journey?

KP: My biggest piece of advise is to NOT GIVE UP things all up front. Take time to substitute a few foods and incorporate more water. Slowly adjust meals and focus on eating whole foods. If you deprive yourself up front and feel you’re making a huge change that’s intimidating| you may be more apt to feel overwhelmed. Instead| make smaller changes little by little and be sure to have supportive people around you who know your goals to keep you focused.

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Image Source: Katrina Pilkington