The Best Elliptical Workouts For Gym Newbies

Are you determined to commit to a gym routine in 2015? There’s no better cardio machine to get you started than the elliptical trainer; it’s easier on your joints than the treadmill but still gets your heart rate up and soaring.

Before you hop on board| it’s important to note that there’s more to this machine than stepping on and pressing the quick-start button. Try out one of these easy-to-follow and effective elliptical plans the next time you’re in need of a cardio workout!

Full-body plan: Mix things up to bust boredom on the machine! You’ll pedal forward| backward| and hands-free in this beginner-friendly 35-minute sweat session that is the perfect starter plan.

An hour of intervals: Once you’re comfortable for 20 or 30 minutes on the elliptical| up the ante with this 60-minute interval plan. It will push your body to the max but still allows for ample periods of recovery so you feel strong from start to end.

Booty burn: This short elliptical workout works double time ¡ª it gets your heart rate up while toning up your glorious glutes. You’ll be moving at a higher incline than you might be used to| but the pace goes slow to keep you feeling confident as you build your booty.

Your personal DJ: Need awesome music to motivate you on a machine? We so get it. This 60-minute elliptical playlist mixes up the pace with every song. It’s a slow and steady workout that will make your time at the gym fly by!

Lunchtime sprints: While its pace is fast| this lunchtime workout is totally in your reach. Minute-long sprints challenge your body and help you build up a sweat| but they’re followed up by longer sessions of recovery. This quick workout is the perfect plan for anyone new to interval training!

Image Source: Thinkstock