The Treadmill Workout For People Who Think They Hate Running

I should like running. I’m an active| health-conscious| and motivated fitness editor| but I’ve been plagued by side stitches and a general disdain of the activity since my elementary-school days.

I’ve continued to hit the treadmill| because I know it blasts a ton of calories quickly| but I’ve never truly enjoyed running . . . until recently. I reached out to countless colleagues and friends about what makes running work for them| and I finally hopped on the treadmill after a long hiatus with one piece of advice in mind: “the first mile always sucks.” If you can get past that first mile with the right tunes| you| too| can learn to love (OK| like) running| and this is the music-powered workout that will help you get there.

This workout keeps the incline steady at 1.0 but mixes up the pace with each new song on the soundtrack; just when you think you’re fading| a new song plays that will completely reinvigorate you. Yes| this workout will be challenging| but in just 30 minutes| you burn over 350 calories and run over three miles! Take quick five- to 10-second breaks if you need to catch your breath during a song| but keep on going until the Spotify playlist cuts out. I can’t begin to tell you how accomplished you’ll feel.

Click here for an image-free printable to keep this workout on hand.

Song Speed

“Psycho” ¨¹?Rozzi Crane4.5-4.8 (Warmup)”Flower” ¨¹?Moby5.2″Never Say Never” ¨¹ Basement Jaxx5.5″Let the Beat Build” ¨¹?Lil Wayne5.0″Something Good Can Work” ¨¹ Two Door Cinema Club6.0″Do It Again” ¨¹?Röyksopp| Robyn5.0″Heavy Crown” ¨¹?Iggy Azalea| Ellie Goulding5.2″Crescendolls” ¨¹ Daft Punk6.0″7/11″ ¨¹ Beyoncé 3.5-3.8 (Cooldown)

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Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Blake Smith