5 Treadmill Workouts For Brand-New Runners

Is 2015 the year you’re going to learn (to love) to run? Stop feeling intimidated by the long line of treadmills at the gym! Hop on with one of these beginner-friendly workouts that each offer easy-to-follow instructions and an awesome sweat session. These five plans will help brand-new runners build stamina| strength| and confidence in just a few weeks.

No numbers necessary: Instead of getting caught up playing around with a ton of buttons and numbers| opt for this walk-run playlist that alternates your speed with every song. Take it on the treadmill or brave the cold with this easy-to-follow mix.

Interval powered: Blast belly fat| build up stamina| and bust boredom with this 30-minute interval run perfect for all the running newbies out there! The pace only slightly changes and never goes faster than 6.5 miles per hour. In short| you’ve got this.

Burn 300: Ease your body into a treadmill routine with this ultrabeginner calorie-blasting plan that blasts at least 300 calories. You’ll play around with intervals| but don’t worry about too many tough sprints that leave you out of breath.

Hike it up: This short treadmill hike is the perfect workout for someone who is new to a fitness routine but wants to get their heart rate up. You’ll continue to turn up the incline as your pace declines. While this is not a straightforward running workout| you will certainly feel the burn with this one!

Take off: This 45-minute plan gradually intensifies after an extended hill workout. A few challenging belly-fat-blasting intervals are sprinkled into the mix| but you’ll have plenty of time to catch your breath and recover. Don’t worry when the time comes to get running| you’ll take off feeling motivated and warmed up.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography