Why It’s Good to Take a Cheat Day Each Week

Imagine a day where you throw caution to the wind regarding your wellness regimen and not just for holidays and special occasions! Health-conscious individuals who exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet may want to make cheat days a weekly practice.

    Muscles need to repair: If your workout schedule includes lots of intense cardio or weight training| a rest day allows your muscles to recover and recuperate| setting you up for another week of workouts. Go for a massage| jump in the hot tub| or pay a visit to the sauna or steam room to help improve circulation.The pleasure principle: Everything in moderation is a mantra that works. If you’re eating healthy and exercising| indulging with a sweet treat or a glass of wine here and there isn’t going to throw you off the wellness wagon. However| if you need to harness your cravings| take a page out of trainer Harley Pasternak’s playbook: schedule a cheat day. Pasternak believes cheat days keep you from feeling deprived since they give you something to look forward to.Combat cravings in their tracks: The 4-Hour Body author Tim Ferris labels his Saturday cheat day “Dieters Gone Wild.” Taking the cheat day to the next level| Ferris gorges on all of his vices one day a week ¡ª the other six he doesn’t even want to look at them. By dramatically spiking your caloric intake| Ferris thinks you can increase fat loss by ensuring your “metabolic rate doesn’t down-regulate from extended caloric restriction.” This approach is a little extreme| but it might work depending on your body’s needs. Rest works: Sleeping in and staying in your PJs later than usual is good for the mind| body| and soul;?I can’t stress enough how important sleep is. If your body just naturally wakes up early| try going to bed earlier on a Friday or Saturday night to clock some extra hours of snoozing on the weekend. It’s a great way to give yourself a kick start before the next week of work ¡ª and working out! ¡ª begins.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography