Whatever Your Speed, Here’s a 5K Playlist For You

Whatever Your Speed| Here’s a 5K Playlist For You

The right music can make or break your run. Instead of heading out on a run and having to shuffle through your music constantly| check out these playlists| all organized by the BPM (beats per minute) of each song. Now you’ll be able to pick out a mix that’s tailored to your mile time. Keep clicking for the perfect playlist to motivate you during your next 5K.

| Eight-Minute Mile

Hit your goals with an indie-heavy eight-minute-mile playlist that also offers a taste of rap and classic rock. The most important thing is that every pick on this list is powerful and upbeat.

Top track: “Good Life”” u2014 Kanye West

| Nine-Minute Mile

Whether you’re prepping for your race or it’s the big day| this nine-minute-mile mix will keep a skip in your step. There’s a little bit of rock u2014 and a whole lot of pop!

Top track: “”Walcott”” u2014 Vampire Weekend

| 9.5-Minute Mile

If you run a 9.5-minute mile| then check out this R&B- and rock-filled playlist for your next 5K.

Top track: “”How to Love”” u2014 Lil Wayne

| 10-Minute Mile

If you like upbeat| hard-hitting rock anthems while working out| then you’ll love this 10-minute-mile playlist. The final song will keep you feeling powerful and connected to your race| even if you’re wiped out!

Top track: “”Won’t Get Fooled Again”” u2014 The Who

| 10.5-Minute Mile

Anyone who runs a 10.5-minute mile needs to listen to this new 5K playlist with a blend of rock| pop| and soul.

Top track: “”That’s Not My Name”” u2014 The Ting Tings

| 11-Minute Mile

This is a perfect playlist for one of your first 5K races. This 11-minute-mile mix will help you rock out on your run and keep a smile on your face.

Top track: “”Vertigo”” u2014 U2

| 11.5-Minute Mile

Full of rock-heavy tunes| this playlist is full of songs with the perfect BPM (beats per minute) to help you keep pace and hit your 11.5-minute mile goals.

Top track: “”My Hero”” u2014 Foo Fighters

| 12-Minute Mile

Every song in this mix is the perfect speed for your needs| so if you run a 12-minute mile| you won’t need to shuffle through your iPod or switch tracks in the middle of your run.

Top track: “”I See You Baby”” u2014 Groove Armada

| 12.5-Minute Mile

If you’ve kicked off a couch-to-5K program| then you might be concerned with the speed of your first race. For a little motivating music to help you keep time| try out this playlist for a 12.5-minute mile.

Top track: “”Do Your Thing”” u2014 Basement Jaxx