The Exercise Volleyball Players Do Off the Court For a Strong Core

Prior to attending the ASICS World Series of Beach Volleyball (WSOBV)| my knowledge of the sport was limited to Top Gun: four shirtless pilot dudes playing against each other to the soundtrack of Kenny Loggins ¡ª?while wearing tight jeans and flexing their muscles the entire time| no less! Also: lots of sweat (that seemed to be there before the game even started)| high-fiving| and butt slaps. Sitting courtside at the WSOBV| it took all of 30 seconds to realize that the director of Top Gun probably didn’t play much. Volleyball players are tremendous athletes; describing them as agile| strong| and powerful only scrapes the surface. It shouldn’t surprise you then that at that level of play| they are all sporting six-pack abs| too.

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During my weekend in Long Beach| CA| for the WSOBV (courtesy of ASICS America)| I was lucky enough to work out with trainer Michelle Lovitt. Michelle| who has worked closely with both athletes and celebrities| explained that in volleyball ¡ª?like most sports ¡ª?”your core is vital to your success.” Wondering how I could take some of the strength I witnessed on the court back home with me| Michelle shared one of her favorite exercises for increasing athleticism. Her pick? A plank into side plank. “This exercise increases shoulder stability| core strength| and aids in injury prevention|” says Michelle.

The next time you’re strength training at the gym| be sure to add this move to your routine| or use it to warm up before jumping into your cardio session.


Begin in a traditional plank with shoulders over wrists. With control| slowly transition into a side plank and hold for 30-60 seconds before performing on the other side. This counts as one rep.

Complete five reps.

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