Stay Strong on Your Healthy Path With Our February Must Haves

Stay Strong on Your Healthy Path With Our February Must Haves

Now that we’re a month into 2015| we could all use some fantastic new products to keep us chugging along on the healthy path we’ve committed to for the New Year. From an immunity-boosting elixir to a sneaker accessory all Winter runners can’t live without| these are the items getting us pumped for an awesome month.

| Project Juice Immunity

Project Juice has a shop next door to our offices| and as I’ve been battling a lingering cold| their immunity juice ($10 per juice| $56 for a pack of six) has saved the day. Orange| grapefruit| lemon| ginger| and a hint of cayenne combine for a spicy blend that naturally helps break up a bad cough while boosting your body with vitamin C u2014 a must when you’re under the weather! Even if you don’t have a Project Juice right next door| you can now order a pack of these tasty juices straight to your home.

u2014 Lizzie Fuhr| associate editor

| NANOspikes

A little snow and ice doesn’t keep me from my outdoor runs. That’s because these NANOspikes ($50) give me the gift of ultimate traction| even on wet ice. They stretch over the soles of the sneakers I already own| and the attached metal spikes dig into slippery surfaces| making me feel completely confident with no fear of falling. If you refuse to resort to the treadmill in the Winter| get a pair of these.

u2014 Jenny Sugar| contributing editor

| Under Armour Cold Gear 1/2 Zip

As a novice skier who jumps at any chance to slowly (and awkwardly) make my way down a mountain| I love gear that wicks away sweat and keeps me comfortable in the cold. I grabbed this Under Armour Cold Gear Cozy 1/2 Zip ($60) before a recent ski trip| and I’m so glad I did. It’s just what you need for sunny days in the snow: I wore mine with just a sports bra and my ski jacket on a 35-degree day and was comfortable all day. I love that it has a deep half-zip for adjustable neck coverage and is long enough to hit past the bottom of my jacket. The best part? Thumbholes ensure my wrists are never exposed to the elements.

u2014 Leta Shy| editor

| Ground Flax| Sunflower| Pumpkin| and Sesame Seeds and Goji Berries

Move over| ground flaxseed. I found a new alternative that’s even better. These Linwoods Ground Flax| Sunflower| Pumpkin| and Sesame Seeds and Goji Berries ($14) add a little extra flavor while also adding a nutritional boost u2014 we’re talking more fiber and protein than regular flax meal. It makes a tasty addition to oatmeal| cereal| smoothies| yogurt| or baked good recipes. Check out the other flavor blends| from Ground Flaxseed| Cocoa| Strawberries| and Blueberries to Ground Flaxseed| Almonds| Brazil Nuts| Walnuts| & Co-Enzyme Q10 (a powerful antioxidant).

u2014 JS

| Clean Slate Cookbook and Guide

I have been cooking up a storm lately| using recipes from Clean Slate: Cookbook and Guide ($17) by the editors of Martha Stewart Living. The dishes celebrate clean eating and are full of flavor| featuring wholes grains| fresh produce| and fresh herbs. The photographs are simply gorgeous. It’s hard to peruse the cookbook and not head into the kitchen.

All the recipes I have made from this cookbook are tasty without being decadent. The coconut breakfast pudding wowed my entire family u2014 including my not-so-fond-of-oatmeal daughters. The fish recipes have changed our dinners| too: black cod with herbs; spicy cauliflower| bok choy and shrimp stir-fry with coconut; and soba with salmon and watercress. These are dishes we all loved and left us feeling sated and good. I appreciate that the juice and smoothie section is broken down by benefits: detoxifying| anti-inflammatory| energizing| and hydrating. My favorite smoothie| so far| features strawberries| grapefruit| and ginger. There’s also a great section for snack ideas and lunch recipes with many vegetarian options| too. Each recipe offers detailed nutritional information| including calories per serving. I have many pages earmarked to try u2014 I might just cook my way through this entire book of recipes.

u2014 Susi May| content director

| Adidas Ultra Boost

I’ve been a fan of Adidas‘s Boost shoes u2014 made with a special type of foam that resembles Styrofoam and is bouncier than standard EVA u2014 since Energy Boost’s debut in 2013. In fact| I’ve run several half marathons in the more-stable Adistar Boost and loved (almost) every mile. So when Adidas announced its newest iteration| the Ultra Boost ($180; available in limited quantities now and in wider release by Feb. 11)| late last month| I was all ears. The newest shoe promises 20 percent more cushioning and more stability than the original Boost u2014 plus it’s made out of Prime Knit| which is similar to Nike’s FlyKnit and features the same socklike feel. It’s pretty much everything I love in a shoe u2014 light but stable| with a flexible upper and just enough cushioning u2014 so I’m excited to slip these on before my next long run.

u2014 LS

| Health Warrior Chia Bars

When I’m in between meals and need a quick bite before a workout| these Health Warrior chia bars ($24 for 15 bars) have become my go-to snack. They’re low in calories but packed with nutrition that fuels my body before I hit up a class. It also doesn’t hurt that their chocolate peanut butter flavor tastes like dessert for only 110 calories and four grams of sugar per bar.

u2014 LF

| Eddie Bauer Movement Capris

I have to admit: I was a little dubious when these Eddie Bauer capris ($70) showed up at my desk. While its First Ascent line is up there when it comes to outdoor-performance wear| I’ve never considered them a spot to snag workout leggings. Well| I was sure wrong.

From the wide waistband to the polyester-spandex blend that provides the perfect level of sheen (and moisture wicking)| these have quickly become my favorite pants to wear during a workout. The cut is incredibly flattering| and whether I am in a Pilates class or sweating it out at SoulCycle| they offer the right amount of compression without restricting my body or making me feel like I am being stuffed into a sausage casing.

Given my love of the Movement capris| I can’t wait to try more offerings from Eddie Bauer’s new Motion line.

u2014 Michele Foley| senior editor

| Manduka eQua Hand Towel

Hot yoga is sweaty business| and to keep my face dry in class| I need a towel. Since finding the Must Have box| I won’t use anything else. It is unbelievably soft and absorbent. Before working on any intimidating arm balance midclass| wiping my brow with the towel actually feels calming and centering. It’s small and powerful| making it useful outside the yoga studio| like after a swim workout or camping. It washes up well too.

u2014 SM

| Beats by Dre Powerbeats 2 Headphones

Gone are the days of my headphones cord rubbing against my sunscreen-slathered stomach during a beach walk| or knocking my iPhone off the Elliptical machine because I accidentally whacked my earbuds. Beats by Dreu2019s Powerbeats 2 ($199) is the savior for a workout-obsessed klutz like me. These flexible wireless headphones wrap around the ears for a snug fit with a lightweight cord that runs under the chin. The buds connect with your music source via Bluetooth within a 30-foot range| ensuring youu2019re completely mobile to lift weights and move about. Plus| rockstar celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson is a fan.

u2014Lauren Levinson| beauty editor