Keep Going Strong With Our August Must Haves

Keep Going Strong With Our August Must Haves

What’s on our minds this month: how to cool off| be consistent| and keep our fitness momentum going strong. We’ve got just what we need to sweat our way into the dog days of Summer: hydrating| probiotic-rich drinks| a shoe that keeps us cool on our runs| and an of-the-moment fitness tight with just the right amount of look-at-me. Check out what we’re loving this August!

| Nike Tight of the Moment: Foco Bonito

When it comes to workout leggings| there is nothing about my style you would call bold| adventurous| or wild. While I have no problem wearing a fuchsia tank top or bright green sneakers| I am all about the basic black when it comes to what I put on my legs.

This month| Nike is releasing a limited-edition legging ($180) that has me teetering close to the line of breaking my all-black legging rule. Designed by Brazilian artists Flavio Samelo and his wife| Jayelle Hudson| the architectural print’s black-and-white color scheme u2014u00a0while a little wild u2014 has a subtle vibe that could easily be pared down with a solid black or white tee. Besides looking great| it’s also Nike| which means you know the leggings are going to perform exactly the way you need them to in any workout.

u2014 Michele Foley| editor

| Wanderlust Festival

While I’ve had the great pleasure of attending the Wanderlust Festival in Squaw Valley| this August I’ll be heading up to my first Wanderlust in Whistler| BC! There might be a lot of imitators out there these days| but no festival holds a candle to the combination of yoga| music| meditation| and healthy-living education that Wanderlust Festivals offer. The time I spend at this awe-inspiring festival reminds me to slow down| be grateful| and| most importantly| do more yoga. I look forward to this event all year long u2014 even though I know I’ll be sore by the end of day one!

u2014 Lizzie Fuhr| assistant editor

| Lara Yoga Mat Bag by Lole

Talk about a flexible bag! This Lara Yoga Mat Bag ($48| originally $80) converts easily from a yoga mat bag to a large duffle. Loaded with pockets| the Lara bag can handle my thick| heavy Manduka mat while keeping all my sundries (keys| cash| lip chap| etc.) organized. With a quick unzipping| the bottom of the yoga mat bag opens to create a much deeper duffle bag| perfect for casual travel. I was surprised at the quantity of clothes I could pack in this bag| and since it’s soft and moldable I had no problems cramming it in the crowded overhead bin on the plane. When converted to the large duffle| this bag makes schlepping to the laundry mat a more manageable chore| too.

u2014 Susi May| fitness director

| Guarana Energy by Gemini Organic

Organic Gemini’s Guarana Energy Coconut Water is a match made in heaven for fitness professionals: energy plus hydration! You could just resort to the water and coffee combination| creating a constant cycle of hydration and dehydration. My favorite hydrating fluid is already coconut water since it adds electrolytes not found in water. Also| I occasionally need a boost of energy and cringe at the thought of having coffee as the only option to get an edge up| making Guarana Energy Coconut water the perfect solution for me. The natural energy of the superfood guarana| a South American seed naturally high in caffeine| mixed with coconut water satisfies my thirst while giving me a little pick me up. Try it out: a four-pack of 11-ounce bottles on Amazon for $11.

u2014 Anna Renderer| fitness host

| Adizero Primeknit Boost

San Francisco doesn’t get hot Summer weather like the rest of the country| but even in our breezy city it pays to be light on your feet. The knitted| sock-like Adizero Primeknit Boost ($200) has been my go-to pair for short| fast runs. The knit upper feels so comfortable and airy while I run| and the snug| moldable fit ensures I have enough support even with this pared-down pair. Not only that| but the black| white| and orange colorway is flashy and fashionable enough without overdoing it u2014 I always get compliments on these when I wear them. Note that these only come in men’s sizes| so order two sizes down for a correct fit.

u2014 Leta Shy| associate editor

| Kevita Sparkling Probiotic Drink

Since giving up dairy a couple weeks ago| I was wondering how I was going to get my daily dose of good bacteria. Boom! Kevita ($4) came into my life. Low in calories| refreshing| and sweetened with stevia so they’re sugar free| each bottle contains four strains of live probiotic. Since it’s water based| not milk based| it’s perfect for those who are avoiding dairy. They’re light in flavor| almost like drinking water with fresh lemon juice. My fave flavors are the mojita lime mint coconut (10 calories)| mango coconut (20 calories)| and the hibiscus berry (10 calories).

u2014 Jenny Sugar| contributing editor

| Onzie Bra Bustier Top

I’m not ashamed to say it: I’m that supersweaty girl you see in yoga class. I have always a towel on hand| and as of late| I’ve been rocking sports bras and capris during every Vinyasa session. For a little more coverage and a lot more fun than the average black bra| this wild Onzie Bra Bustier Top ($56) has become a staple in my yoga wardrobe. Not only does it keep me cool and comfortable| I’m able to see what’s going on with my whole core during poses. Luckily| this bra top is fully lined and provides the support I need as I’m hopping around my mat.

u2014 LF

| Topeak iPhone Dry Bag

If rain doesn’t keep you from your workouts| you’ll love this Topeak SmartPhone DryBag ($20). Like a dry bag you’d used for boating| this one is designed for cyclists to protect your phone from rain and splashes. It comes with a mounting clamp band you can attach to your stem| so you can easily access apps| music| or your phone. But I love that it also has a clip attached to the case so you can use it while running| hiking| walking| or whatever kind of activity you’re doing where you like to keep your phone close by. This can even be used in the Winter for snow sports! Talk about a practical product.

u2014 JS

| Insulated Purist Water Bottle From Specialized

Staying cool on long| hot bike rides can be a challenge| especially in the late afternoon when the asphalt feels like a radiator. Beat the heat with the Insulated Purist Moflo ($18) water bottle from biking giant Specialized. The interior of this flexible plastic bottle is designed to prevent odors and stains so your water tastes like water| and the thin layer of outer insulation keeps your beverage cold for a long| long time. I was amazed when riding in 105-degree temps that there was still ice in the bottle after an hour of pedaling. The opening of the cap is a bit wider than most cycling water bottles| making it easier to sip u2014 or gulp| as the case may be.

u2014 SM

| Rise Protein and Energy Bars

I’ll admit| I’m not the biggest protein or energy bar fan| but these Rise protein bars ($18-$28 for 12) may have made me a convert. After reluctantly trying them at the CrossFit Games over the weekend| I was pleasantly surprised at the taste as well as the short ingredient list u2014 just four or five ingredients in each bar| mostly organic. There’s nothing cardboard or fake-tasting about these bars| and there are about a dozen creative flavors to choose from. The vegan lemon cashew protein bar (15 grams of protein) and the gluten-free crunchy carob chip protein bar (17 grams of protein) get my vote| but be sure and check out all of the flavors and varieties here.

u2014 LS

| Compression Socks by 2XU

I love having optimal support and blood flow in my lower legs and feet when performing any type of cardio exercise. The Elite Compression Socks ($60)| from 2XU| not only help provide a more effective running or cardio experience| but I find that I’m less sore the day after a hard workout. The sock fabric is designed to support the muscles of the lower leg and foot| as well as increase circulation so your muscles get more oxygen! They have a cute and stylish look to them| too. Also great to sport when flying| these compression socks help prevent blood from pooling in the ankles and feet| which means less leg stiffness after long flights! Heck| you can wear them around the house too if you just need added support and circulation.

u2014 AR