Editors’ Picks: Must-Have Fitness Gear For July

Editors’ Picks: Must-Have Fitness Gear For July

The beginning of a new month is the perfect time to get motivated and treat yourself with new fitness gear. As July is heating up| we’re obsessed with workout clothes that make running and hiking more enjoyable| from a compact fanny pack (no granny vibes) to the best no-slip hiking shoes and more. These are the products you’ll want to get your hands on ASAP.

| Lolu0451 Leather Espadrilles

Now that the weather is heating up| the last thing I want to do is throw on a pair of socks and sneakers when I’m heading to yoga| Pilates| or SoulCycle. Perfect for Summer| my Lolu0451 Leather Espadrilles ($75) have become my go-to when I am heading to weekend workouts. Besides being comfy u2014 and able to house an insole| unlike a pair of sandals u2014 they work with any outfit change I have post-workout. Gone are the days of packing an extra pair of shoes or pairing my brunch outfit with my sneakers.

u2014 Michele Foley| senior editor

| GoMacro Bars

I have to hide these GoMacro Bars from my family! Why? Because their satisfying chewy consistency and delicious flavors are impossible to resist. The peanut butter chocolate chip is my fave. Or is it the cashew caramel? Oh| I can’t forget about the granola and coconut. They make so many tasty flavor combinations that you can’t go wrong. They’re made with vegan and gluten-free ingredients and 200 to 280 calories a bar; I like to nibble a few bites before an early morning workout since they’re a quick way to get some carbs. They’re definitely a great snack to keep in your purse| desk drawer| or gym bag.

u2014 Jenny Sugar| contributing editor

| Smith Clayton Sunglasses

When it comes to protection from the sun on a run| I prefer tons of sunscreen and sunglasses to donning a hat. The problem: many sports-specific sunglasses can look a little too athletic for my tastes. That’s why I’m obsessed with pretty much all of Smith Optics‘ styles. The sunglasses are for the active; they feature no-slip| sweat-friendly nose pads and polarized| UV-protecting lenses that curve slightly to give you protection where you need it. Of my sport sunglasses| the Smith Clayton in Yellow Tortoise ($119) is the first pair I grab when I’m headed out for a run or a bike ride and is stylish enough for everyday outfits as well u2014 whenever I break these out on a sunny day| I’m sure to get compliments.

u2014 Leta Shy| editor

| Merrell Moab Hiking Shoes

For months| I slipped and stumbled on day hikes in everyday tennis shoes| and now I get what everyone was talking about u2014 I needed a pair of proper hiking shoes. I did my research and test-drove a few pairs| and I’ve been nothing but thrilled since settling on these Merrell Moab Waterproof Shoes ($130). Waterproof| ankle-stabilizing| and surprisingly comfortable| they’ve changed my relationship with the trail. If you’re planning on spending time hiking this Summer| follow my lead and invest in a pair of quality shoes. You won’t regret it!

u2014 Lizzie Fuhr| associate editor

| The Human Experiment

I am a documentary junkie u2014 I watch at least one every week. I’m constantly looking for new titles on Netflix and On Demand| and after checking out the trailer for The Human Experiment| I knew it was something I needed to see. Narrated by Sean Penn| the documentary delves into a situation I knew very little about: thousands of untested chemicals are found in our everyday products. This film looks at what companies are doing to veil the truth and the steps we can take as consumers to protect our bodies and make safer| smarter choices. Do yourself a favor and watch this flick ASAP.

u2014 LF

| Liquido Miami Dusk Leggings

I probably own close to 20 pairs of black capris and leggings u2014 patterned workout leggings have never really been my thing. Imagine my surprise at how much I fell for Liquido’s Miami Dusk leggings ($83). Besides the wild tropical print| I am a huge fan of how the leggings perform. The wide waistband makes for comfortable workouts| and the soft fabric has just enough stretch for the most bendy yoga poses.

u2014 MF

| Ultimate Direction Running Pack

This Meow running pack ($29) has easily become one of my favorite pieces of Summer gear. I needed a small waist pack that could carry my phone| keys| some money| lip balm| and sport beans or gels on long runs or hikes| and this is perfect. I love that it stays put on my hips and the breathable mesh fabric dries quickly. The look is really flat so I hardly feel like I’m wearing anything u2014 and definitely not anything close to an ’80s fanny pack. My running buddy liked mine so much that she ordered one too!

u2014 JS

| Nike Element Half-Zip

It may be sweltering outside| but hear me out: the Nike Running Element Half-Zip ($65) is my new year-round favorite cover-up. This supersoft long-sleeved shirt is a slightly loose fit| so I can easily throw it on over my workout tank after a gym session| and is long enough to hit perfectly at my hip. The fast-drying fabric means I feel comfortable putting it on even when I’m sweaty. I pretty much wear this whenever I can in the Summer| and I know it’ll keep me protected and dry during outdoor Fall runs.

u2014 LS

| All Good Sport Sunscreen

Summer runs and rides require a sweat-proof sunblock that doesn’t get into your eyes. For my outdoor workouts| I have been wearing The Environmental Working Group for safety| this broad-spectrum sunscreen is mineral based with zinc oxide as its only active ingredient. I love that it contains no questionable chemicals. It goes on relatively clear| much better than other zinc-based sunscreens I have tried| leaving only a trace of white residue. Rated SPF 33| All Good’s Sport Sunscreen has kept me free of sun damage on hours-long rides and lunchtime runs. It’s relatively odor free| and if you are into water sports| it’s also deemed coral reef safe. So| go on and snorkel without harming those amazing underwater habitats.

u2014 Susi May| fitness director