Must-Have Healthy Picks For Summer

Must-Have Healthy Picks For Summer

It’s time to get up and get moving now that Summer’s in full swing. Luckily| we have just the gear to motivate us: flashy kicks| sandals that are actually good for our feet| and a running belt that stays put no matter where our adventures take us. Plus| we’re excited about the Women’s World Cup! See what we’re loving for June here.

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| Nike Zoom Air Pegasus 32

Now that I’ve got several half marathons and marathons under my belt| I’m focusing on shorter distances and becoming a faster runner overall. I’m fresh off a speed camp| courtesy of Nike| where I completed more speed drills and track workouts than I’ve done since high school. The Nike Zoom Air Pegasus 32 ($110) were the perfect pair for the weekend. The Pegasus are supportive and well-cushioned| and the higher heel drop| adjustable midfoot cables| and sock-like FlyKnit upper helped my feet feel locked in and secure during every sprint. I’m spending the Summer training to run a faster mile| and I can already tell these lightweight| breathable shoes will be my go-to pair for all my short| fast runs.

u2014 Leta Shy| editor

| AESOP Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash

Whether you find me on the go or at my desk| chances are a bottle of Aesop’s Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash ($10) is nearby. While it’s a little pricey for hand sanitizer| my dependence on it (and my total fear of getting sick) has made the splurge worthwhile. Unlike drugstore hand sanitizer| Aesop‘s mix has a soft scent of lavender and orange. But what I love best is that my hands still feel soft after using it| thanks to all the moisturizing ingredients it contains.

u2014 Michele Foley| senior editor

| FlipBelt

When I first kicked off my new running routine| I was able to keep all my essentials handy on the treadmill| but once I transitioned to outdoor park runs| things became a little more troublesome. I tried a number of fanny packs| different pants with strategically placed zippers| until I found the FlipBelt ($30.) Now I can’t run outside without it. This lightweight| comfortable| and breathable belt rests comfortably on my hips| keeping my keys secure and my iPhone in place. It keeps my hands free and my frustration at bay. If you can relate and hate having to mess around with pulling and repositioning your phone during an intense workout| the FlipBelt will change everything.

u2014 Lizzie Fuhr| associate editor

| Melissau2019s Clean Snax Pumpkin Seed

I rarely buy any type of ‘energy’ bar because I think theyu2019re usually overly processed and expensive| so I make my own nut- and date-based energy balls to have as pre- or post-workout snacks or dessert.

However| I recently bought Melissau2019s Clean Snax Pumpkin Seed nuggets ($8)| and I like them more than my homemade treats. They’re made with pumpkin seeds| sesame seeds| and chia seeds and are lightly sweetened to hold all the ingredients together. A serving (five pieces) has 150 calories| six grams of protein| two grams of fiber| and less than a teaspoon of sugar. They come in four flavors| but I like the higher protein and lower sugar counts of the Pumpkin Seed variety. Look for them in the produce sections of most supermarket chains.

u2014 Julie Upton| RD| guest contributor

| Vionic Hampton Sandal

Flip-flops are often synonymous with Summer| but for me| they usually just bring foot pain. My feet are quite flat and require more support than thongs usually provide| but the
Hampton Toe Post Sandal ($65)| from Vionic| offers both slip-on convenience and arch support. The sole is much stiffer than your traditional thongs| which my overworked feet crave. These flip-flops are great for walking to the pool or the beach| and you can toss them into the washing machine to freshen them up (which is good since they are a bit of an investment).

u2014 Susi May| content director

| Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer

While training for a half marathon| my go-to snack for long training runs was a banana or a little toast with nut butter and this Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer packet ($1.69 per single packet; $50 for 30 packets).

The lemon-lime flavor was not only refreshing| but each 70-calorie packet contains 12 plant-based performance ingredients such as green tea| yerba matu00e9| ginseng| coconut oil| and rhodiola to increase endurance| boost aerobic and anaerobic capacity| and get my brain out of that morning fog. It offers two complementary carbohydrates u2014 brown rice syrup for quick energy and low-glycemic coconut palm nectar for slow-release energy. It totally got me through those 90-minute runs and is the kind of thing you want for long cardio sessions| intense strength training workouts| and challenging yoga classes. If you’re not a fan of lemon lime| it also comes in acai berry.

u2014 Jenny Sugar| contributing editor

| Clean Green Eats

I am a longtime fan of chef Candice Kumai. From her days on Top Chef to her stint on Iron Chef| it’s clear this woman knows what she’s talking about when it comes to delicious and healthy cuisine| and she shares her knowledge in her newest book lemon-soy barley bowl that was totally delicious and full of gorgeous green produce. I can’t wait to cook my way through the rest of this beautiful book.

u2014 LF

| OLLY Gummy Vitamins

Try as I might| I don’t always get the nutrients I need from diet alone| and my past attempts at taking a multivitamin were a massive failure. I was left with a dusty bottle of expired pills.

Olly Gummy vitamins have changed all of that for me. While I keep them on my desk as a reminder to take one each day| it’s my love of gummy candy that makes remembering to take them easy. They’re not overly sweet and even include unusual flavors like ginger that adults are sure to love. While there is a huge assortment of supplements available| I am partial to Solid Bones Berry ($13) and The Perfect Women’s Multi ($13).

u2014 MF

| Popsicle Molds

Skip the ice cream truck and creemee stands and save calories by crafting homemade Popsicles. I love this protein Popsicles or these other fruity recipes such as vegan strawberry Fudgsicles.

u2014 JS

| Women’s World Cup

FIFA may currently be in the news for all the wrong reasons| but that’s no reason to be any less excited about the 2015 Women’s World Cup| which begins June 6 and will be held in cities across Canada. If you’re a United States fan| you’ll be happy to know that the all-star team includes veterans like 2012 Olympic favorites Abby Wambach and Alex Morgan| who are back to try and clinch a win for the women’s team (if they do| it’ll be the first time since the US women’s iconic 1999 win).

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