Brighten Up and Get Outside With Our May Must Haves

Brighten Up and Get Outside With Our May Must Haves

Warmer temperatures have finally arrived all over the country| making it the best time to transition your workout routine to the outdoors so you can start enjoying the sunshine! We’re kicking off our Better-Body Challenge to get you strong| toned| and lean in just 31 days| while gearing up with new| fresh goods to make this month our healthiest yet. Check out all the new fitness and healthy-living products we’re excited about this May.

| Otterbox Resurgence Power Case

If you prefer using the GPS in your iPhone to track your long runs or rides but hate that it completely drains your battery| you’re going to love this sleek Otterbox Resurgence Power Case ($100) as much as I do. It more than doubles your battery capacity! All you need to do is plug in the USB cable| and it’ll charge your phone first and then the case’s battery. If you want to know how much battery life you have left| just tap the button on the back and each light section represents 25 percent of case power. And because it’s an Otterbox| your phone is protected against bumps and drops.

u2014 Jenny Sugar| contributing editor

| Ready Set Short by Athleta

When I’m doing a WOD or out searching for a runner’s high| the last thing I want is to be bothered by barely there shorts that ride up with every rep or step. The Athleta Ready Set Short ($49) has me covered u2014 literally. With a more “”generous”” fit| four-inch inseam| and built-in liner| I never feel overexposed| even if I’m doing squats| handstand push-ups| or deadlifts. The buttery-soft performance fabric is stretchy and comfy and will also keep you cool u2014 no matter how much you sweat. I also like the slimming waistband with drawstring and zippered back pocket.

u2014 Julie Upton| guest contributor

| Nike Free Training Shoes

My current shoe obsession is the latest iteration of the Nike Free training shoes u2014u00a0looking at the design up close| it’s almost as if they were made by Missoni. Beyond being stylish| the Nike Free TR 5 Flyknit ($130) is a solid workout shoe. I’ve worn these to strength-training classes and dance cardio workouts and even performed running drills in them. For each and every workout| I felt supported| but with enough freedom and flexibility to feel connected to the natural movement of my feet. They are also lightweight| making it a perfect shoe to throw in my office bag when I have an evening workout planned.

u2014 Michele Foley| senior editor

| Splits 59 Capris

From the very first time I slipped on these Nova Circuit Performance Capris ($108) from Splits 59| I knew I had found a new staple in my Spring workout wardrobe. Trendy mesh panels and gorgeous blue hue aside| these pants stay dry| and I get really| really sweaty when I work out. I’ve rocked them in Orangetheory Fitness| SoulCycle| a strength-training workout with Holly Perkins| and a four-mile run; every time| I can’t believe how comfortable| flattering| and breathable the material is and just how dry they stay when the rest of me is dripping with sweat. As soon as I take them off| they go straight into the wash| so I can rock them ASAP.

u2014 Lizzie Fuhr| associate editor

| Bern Melrose Helmet

When I first started city biking a few years ago| it took just one near fall after getting my tires caught in cable-car tracks to convince me to be a diligent helmet-wearing cyclist. None have exactly been flattering headwear| but some have done a better job than others at not making me look like a bobble head. The Melrose helmet ($90)| one of Bern’s two new bike helmets specifically designed for women| is one of them. The Melrose and the Prescott (made for mountain bikers) both have a slimmer design and are lighter than their unisex counterparts and also are cut higher in the back to accommodate a ponytail. I’ll be sporting this helmet all throughout National Bike Month (this month!) and beyond.

u2014 Leta Shy| editor

| Rollerblade Inline Skates

It’s so beneficial to add variety and different modes of exercise| since performing the same type of exercise every day can lead to overuse injuries or plateau. Recently| I’ve been mixing things up by rollerblading. It offers a similar cardio experience to running but with the addition of lateral movement training you don’t get with running and less impact on the joints. I rollerblade using the Rollerblade Macroblade 100 Inline Skates ($350) once a week for a lighter cardio day to strengthen my legs and feel like a speed demon.

I love these rollerblades because they offer a ton of support around the foot and calf; it’s like stepping into a new pair of running shoes with extra cushion. The wheels offer a smooth ride and don’t allow you to feel every pebble in the road u2014 great for anyone who is blading on the side streets!

u2014 Anna Renderer| fitness host

| Nourish Snacks

It was during a recent flight to Los Angeles that I discovered the joy of Nourish Snacks ($10 for a five-pack). I was feeling hungry and needed a little something to hold me over until dinner u2014u00a0the “”Menage-a-Mix”” of crunchy corn| BBQ chickpeas| and roasted edamame did the trick. Since then| I’ve tried several other flavor combinations u2014u00a0all of which are around 150 calories and a good mix of protein and fiber (they’re also gluten-free).

u2014 MF

| Lululemon Wild Tank

It’s that time of year when hot and sweaty yoga classes get even hotter. Since I’m not one to practice in just a sports bra| I love light and airy tanks that feel like I’m wearing hardly anything but keep my belly covered. This Wild Tank ($64) has become my absolute favorite top! It’s basically a sports bra with a superthin lightweight tank attached. The bra offers medium support| and the pads included prevent anything from showing (I know you know what I’m talking about!). Aside from the open back and sweat-wicking fabric keeping me cool| I love the sexy| feminine detail of the crisscrossing straps in the back. I’m off to order another one!

u2014 JS

| Sklz Cold Roller Ball

My weekly Barry’s Bootcamp addiction means I’m nursing sore muscles a lot| so the Sklz Cold Roller Ball ($40) has become a welcome addition on my desk. The ball glides easily over my sorest spots| and it’s small and portable| which means I can throw it in my bag to take with me anywhere. Bonus: the roller ball contains an insulating gel that holds a cold temperature for hours| so I can pop it in my freezer| go out for a long run| and come back home for some much-needed recovery that helps my muscles stay loose and keeps injuries at bay.

u2014 LS