What Top Trainers Say You Should Eat Before a Workout

What Top Trainers Say You Should Eat Before a Workout

Always wondering what to eat before your next sweat session? Self asked top trainers to dish on their go-to meals and snacks. Never run out of fuel during a workout again!

When you find a trainer you love| you want to know everything about them| from how they get that perfect topknot to stay in place during tap-backs to exactly what they eat to stay fueled for their day of nonstop working out. (Fitness crushes are the best kind of crushes.) We tapped a few of the hottest fitness trainers to see what they reach for pre-sweat sesh. Click through| then go grocery shopping.

| Avocado

“”I recently experimented with switching up my A.M. routine from a fruit smoothie to half an avocado with lime and a little sea salt. I found that the morning rush of sugar from the fruit was creating false sugar cravings for me. So I switched to a more balanced fat and protein combo that has made me feel much more stable.””

—Taryn Toomey| creator of the class

| Cottage Cheese

“”Right now my go-to pre-workout snack is a small container of low-fat cottage cheese with 1/4 cup of sprouted lentils. Sprouted lentils are delicious and have a good fiber-to-protein-to-carbohydrate ratio. My favorite brand is The Perfect Snaque Cinnamon Apple Quinoa Crunch.””

—Amanda Murdock| instructor at SLT studio

| Banana

“”Before a workout I will typically grab a banana| a handful of mixed nuts and water. Bananas are the perfect source of carbs to get you through a high-intensity session. The mixed nuts are an excellent source of protein—they are satisfying yet don’t leave you feeling too full. And water is a must. I cannot stress the importance of hydrating before (and after) exercise.””

—Latoya Julce| instructor at 305 Fitness

| Oatmeal

“”About an hour and a half prior to an intense workout| I go for a half-cup of steel-cut oatmeal—a fantastic complex carbohydrate for consistent energy. I sprinkle on chia seeds| which provide nutrients such as omega-3 essential fatty acids and antioxidants| and walnuts or almonds for a bit of protein| essential fats and of course a tasty u2018crunch’ that I personally love.””

—Kira Stokes| creator of Kira Stokes Fitness and instructor at BFX

| Yogurt

“”I am a snacker| so I am usually eating throughout the day. Typically| what I chose to eat depends on when I can make it to my mat. In the morning| I like to hold off on a big meal—I will have a yogurt before and save the sweet potato scramble for after.””

—Kristen Nichols| yoga instructor at Y7 studio

| Almonds

“”I grab a handful of almonds and dried fruit| like cherries| to snack on right before teaching. The protein-packed nuts have a good fat profile so they keep me full| but I’m still able to jump and move around| and the dried cherries provide simple sugar| which gives me a great healthy boost of energy.””

—Rachel Piskin| co-founder of Chaise Fitness

| Protein Bar

“”I love bars before I workout—my new favorite is the Kill Cliff Bar. They’re a great source of carbs and protein| but don’t weigh me down during a workout. “”

—Maddy Curley| head coach at Brick CrossFit in Los Angeles

| Sweet Potatoes

“”I like to have a full meal about two to three hours before I work out. Since I typically train around noon| I’ll have two eggs| two slices of bacon and sweet or white potatoes. If I end up working out a little later in the afternoon and need some extra fuel| I’ll have something that’s quick to digest like a shake with some fruit and a little whey protein.””

—Julia Avery| instructor at The Fhitting Room

| Salmon Salad

“”I usually work out in the evenings| so I like to have a good lunch at least four hours prior. I usually eat two or three ounces of lean protein (salmon or grilled chicken) and a big salad. There is nothing worse than being overly stuffed and trying to get the most out of a training session.””

—Leila Fazel| co-owner of Aerospace

| Acai Bowl

“”I usually have a peanut-butter-acai bowl about an hour before hitting the studio. Not only is it delicious| but the protein and fiber help me maximize my workout.””

—Andrea Rogers| founder and creator of Xtend Barre

| Hard-Boiled Eggs

“”I eat a hard boiled egg or a breakfast of carbs| protein and fat to replenish glycogen stores and reduce cortisol levels. That way| I’m workout-ready!””

Michelle Lovitt| celebrity trainer and fitness personality in Los Angeles

| Egg White Omelet

“”I always teach in the morning| so what I eat when I wake up is very important to get my body ready for the day. The second I get out of bed| I like to jump start my metabolism and put protein in my body| typically scrambled egg whites| an egg white omelet with turkey and vegetables in it or a protein shake.””

—Lisa Niren| head coach at Peloton Cycle

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