After Eating 40 Bowls of Gluten-Free Pasta, We Found the Top 8

With so many gluten-free pastas available| it’s hard to know which ones deliver on flavor. This extensive taste test from GFF Magazine will help make your next visit to the grocery store a breeze!

We noodled over and noshed on more than forty bowls of plain spaghetti| penne| tagliatelle| rigatoni| and more to bring you our picks for the best ?fresh and dried gluten-free pastas on the market. Chosen for taste| texture| and national availability| these are the ones that won’t string you along when you’re hankering for the classic carb fix.

Rustichella d’abruzzo Gluten-Free Organic Corn Orzo Pasta: Imported from Italy| organic| and 100-percent corn with good texture| tasty corn flavor| and a shape that’s great ?for soups. ($9)Ronzoni Gluten-Free Rotini Multigrain: With corn| quinoa| and white and brown rice| neutral flavor| and reliable texture. ($3)Schar Bont¨¤ d’italia Naturally Gluten-Free Spaghetti: A great regular-pasta impersonator with a slight white rice flavor and a buttery finish. ($4)RP’s Fresh Gluten-Free Fettuccine: Fresh pasta with excellent| slightly eggy flavor and thick| classic texture. ($6) Jovial Brown Rice Tagliatelle: Imported from Italy and organic| the best of the brown-rice pastas| with great texture and mild wheat flavor. ($5)Barilla Gluten-Free Penne: Neutral flavor| classic texture| about as close as it gets to pasta just like you remember it. ($3)Ancient Harvest Supergrain Quinoa Penne: Organic and non-GMO with a slightly nutty flavor. ($4)Cappello’s Gluten-Free| Grain-Free Fettuccine: Fresh| grain-free| almond-based| and slightly salty with light almond taste. ($44 for four 9-ounce boxes)

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Image Source: Maren Caruso