Ditch the Ice Cream and Cool Off With 23 Healthy Frozen Desserts

Ditch the Ice Cream and Cool Off With 23 Healthy Frozen Desserts

When it comes to healthy homemade frozen desserts| two-ingredient vegan chocolate ice cream is only the beginning. From ice cream to popsicles to 30-calorie froyo cupcakes (yes| it’s true)| there are so many ways to give in to your sweet tooth without regretting it later. Plus| as the weather gets warmer| what’s better than sinking your teeth into a cool| refreshing treat? Read on for the 23 best healthy frozen dessert recipes you can make all Summer long.

u2014 Additional reporting by Jenny Sugar| Lizzie Fuhr| and Hilary White

| Frozen Nutty Banana Nibblers

So simple| yet so genius: frozen bananas with peanut butter. Use up your ripe bananas by popping them in the freezer with peanut butter sandwiched in between| and you’ve got a healthy dessert waiting for you at a moment’s notice.

| S’mores Ice Cream Sandwiches

Get excited for Summer with a delicious s’mores ice cream sandwich. It’s a cooling twist on the classic campfire treat.

| Raspberry and Pineapple Chia Popsicle

Chia seeds add a unique texture to these berrylicious pineapple pops that are high in fiber and full of vitamins.

| Green Tea Popsicle

Green tea| Greek yogurt| and avocado join forces to make the perfect healthy snack for the Summer. Matcha powder is rich with antioxidants and fiber| and the caffeine gives you just the extra kick you need without the extra calories.

| Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream

Skip the Wendy’s Frosty and blend this vegan chocolate ice cream in your food processor for a creamy treat on hot days. The best part is there are only two ingredients (plus optional chocolate chips).

| Lemon and Lavender Popsicle

Veronica Bosgraaf| founder of Pure Bar| shared this easy-to-make recipe for refreshing lemon-lavender popsicles. Made using only five ingredients| the not-too-sweet icy treats are perfect for Summer get-togethers and backyard BBQs.

| 30-Calorie Frozen Yogurt Cupcakes

A combination of two of the best desserts ever| these 30-calorie froyo cupcakes are so easy to make with just Greek yogurt| bananas| and strawberries.

| Frozen Banana Pops

Ice cream obsession| begone. These frozen banana pops are a healthy treat that taste just like an indulgent dessert.

| Avocado Coconut Popsicle

Avocados are usually classified as savory| but who knew they were so good at being sweet? These avocado coconut popsicles are smooth| creamy| and decadent. For a healthier take| swap the cream for almond milk and go easy on the sugar.

| Chocolate Banana Soft-Serve

Have any overripe bananas that you’re not sure how to use? Try making a big batch of easy chocolate banana soft-serve that’s good any time of the day. Just be sure to peel the banana before you toss it in the freezer!

| Vegan Peppermint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

For a sweet and refreshing treat| taste some peppermint chocolate chip ice cream. Some surprising ingredients like spinach and medjool dates go into the mix to give your ice cream a healthy boost without losing any flavor power.

| Vegan Persian Ice Cream

Creamy| custardy Persian ice cream is a decadent| gourmand ice cream treat that won’t pack on extra calories from dairy or unneeded sugar.

| Vegan Strawberry Pretzel Ice Cream

Get the dream team of sweet and salty in a healthy ice cream recipe. This strawberry pretzel ice cream will curb your cravings in a dairy-free way.

| Five-Ingredient Vegan Chunky Monkey Ice Cream

If you love the combo of bananas and chocolate| but you’re looking to lighten things up| this healthy chunky monkey ice cream from Healthful Pursuit is right up your alley. Not only is it vegan| gluten free| and sugar free| but it also calls for only five ingredients!

| Vegan Mango Ice Cream

You won’t believe how quick and simple a recipe for vegan mango ice cream can be. Instead of grabbing a pint of sorbet| just make your own homemade mango treat at home without all the extra sugar or fat.

| Dairy-Free Avocado Mint Ice Cream

Want a healthy version of an old-school sundae? Make a big batch of this avocado ice cream recipe| which resembles soft-serve| and toss in some tasty brownie bits!

| Vegan Banana (Spinach) Ice Cream

Five ingredients| no cholesterol| and packed with fiber and iron: vegan banana spinach ice cream.

| Watermelon Strawberry Mint Popsicle

Craving something cold and refreshing? Look no further than these watermelon strawberry popsicles. With just a hint of mint| these light treats are easy to make and low in calories. Added bonus: they only call for three ingredients!

| Fresh Fruit Popsicle

Fresh fruit adds texture and flavor to these popsicles| and they are easy to create in your own kitchen. This video shows you the tricks of the popsicle-making trade| from layering colors and flavors to getting the sticks to stand up straight.

| Vegan Strawberry Fudgsicle

A dairy-free spin on one of our favorite frozen treats| vegan fudgsicles offer a decadent chocolaty complement to bananas and fresh strawberries. No need to feel guilty after finishing off one of these| either u2014 they are only 80 calories each!

| Strawberry-Basil Limeade Popsicle

Combine fresh fruit with herbs to create a sophisticated (and healthy!) popsicle. This strawberry-basil limeade popsicle is pleasing to the palate and loaded with fiber| vitamin C| and antioxidants.

| Yogurt Jam Pop

This quick and easy yogurt jam pop recipe packs in protein and probiotics with plain or vanilla yogurt| and sweetens the deal with strawberry jam. Feeling experimental? Substitute in your favorite fruit flavor!

| Vegan Cherry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Once again| you don’t need a fancy ice cream machine to make delicious (and healthy) ice cream. All you need to make this vegan cherry chocolate chip ice cream is a food processor and a few simple ingredients.