Our 10 Most Pinned Workouts of 2014

Our 10 Most Pinned Workouts of 2014

If you’re anything like us| you have a Pinterest board (OK| maybe more than one) devoted to collecting inspiring| challenging| and creative workouts. Now| if these 10 workouts haven’t crossed your path yet| pin away u2014 they happen to be our most popular sweat sessions on Pinterest of the entire year. From arm sculpting to booty toning| there’s a little something for everyone. So no matter what your goals are for the coming year| you’ll want to hang on to these workouts; they’re probably going to come in handy.

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| 10-Minute Arm Sculpt

Sexy| sculpted arms look amazing no matter what time of year it may be. This 10-minute arm-toning workout is quick| simple| and leads to results you can see (and show off).

| Victoria’s Secret Model Workout

Inspired to work toward your Angel wings? This fat-blasting Victoria’s Secret model workout is something you can do in your very own living room.

| A Heart-Pumping Video Workout With Jessica Alba’s Trainer

Don’t be intimidated by CrossFit; with the help of Jessica Alba‘s amazing trainer| you can get in a rewarding heart-pumping workout in no time at all.

| 30-Minute Treadmill Shred

Even if you only have half an hour to spare| you can still get in a great workout. This 30-minute treadmill shred will challenge your endurance and speed and leave you feeling satisfied.

| Bedtime Yoga Sequence

If winding down at the end of the night often feels challenging| you might just be in need of a little yoga. This calming sequence will have you ready to hit the hay.

| 10-Minute Arm Routine

It may not be tank-top season just yet| but keeping your upper body in shape will have you ready to flaunt your muscles as soon as the sun comes out. This quick arm-sculpting routine will have you seeing results.

| Inner-Thigh Toning Workout

Whether you love to rock skinny jeans or a miniskirt| this inner-thigh workout will help you rock your look with confidence.

| 20-Minute Treadmill Workout

If you’re looking for a workout that will blast calories in no time at all| check out this 20-minute treadmill workout that’s great for when you’re short on time.

| The Anti-Arm-Jiggle Workout

Banish arm jiggle with this 10-minute toning video that will have you feeling your best all year long.

| Butt-Toning Pilates Workout

If you’re working to target your booty| this bum-toning Pilates video will have you flaunting your backside whenever possible.