The Best Sports Bras For Small Chests

The Best Sports Bras For Small Chests

The following post was originally featured on Julie Fagan| who is part of POPSUGAR Select Fitness.

Is it just me| or are sports bras getting cuter and cuter these days? I am loving all the strappy versions popping up all over the place| and even though the vast majority of my sports bras have the traditional racerback look| I’ve found myself gravitating toward some new looks.

But today I wanted to share with you my favorite sports bras. Now| as you may know| I have a small chest and am a proud member of the IBTC| so I do not need the level of support that those who are more well-endowed might need| but I do need enough support to keep everything in place. (FYI| if you have a larger chest and are looking for recommendations for sports bras| check out Tina’s post: Sports Bra Recommendations For Busty Ladies.)

| Pink Lotus Movement Sports Bra

This sports bra was an impulse buy from Nordstrom Rack for $25| and I was surprised by how quickly I fell in love with it. The strappy design on the back of the bra is supercute| but the bra is also quite supportive and the removable pads are flattering. It’s a personal favorite for barre workouts| but I’ve also worn it to BodyPump and on a few hikes with Ryan and think it’s great for a myriad of activities.

| Balance Collection by Marika

I buy these sports bras at T.J.Maxx or Marshalls for around $12. They are supercheap and incredibly comfortable. I wear them to work out| travel| run errands around town| and more. They are not quite as supportive as some of my other favorites| but they’re great for yoga| barre| and strength-training workouts.

| Reebok Yoga Sports Bra

I LOVE this bra. It’s one of my absolute favorites| and I own it in three different colors! The material is soft and comfortable on my skin| and the skinny racerback is fabulous for mobility. It has removable cups| but I always leave them in. (I actually wish the lining was permanently sewn in because the cups always fall out in the washing machine| which is my only complaint.) Just a heads-up: I’ve seen this bra pop up on sale for around $20 on Rue La La from time to time.

| Lorna Jane Rhianan Sports Bra

If you’re looking for a sports bra that offers support but gives you a little oomph as well| Lorna Jane bras are the perfect match. This sports bra is one of the most supportive bras I own| making it perfect for running or plyometric workouts. It holds me in and keeps everything in place! I am also majorly lusting after its strappy Technique bra and its Ellenora bra after Katy sang their praises at IDEAWorld.

| Under Armour Seamless Racerback Sports Bra

This is| hands down| my favorite sports bra for running. It’s incredibly supportive and doesn’t chafe along my armpits. It is sold in normal bra sizes (A| B| C| D| DD) rather than small| medium| and large| which I think gives it a better fit. The bra comes with light cups that you can remove| but they actually stay in place better than most when I wash them. I’ve had this sports bra for a few years (three?)| and it still looks and feels like new| which I think says a lot about the quality. It’s a favorite for sure!