Real Women Dish on What Works For Weight Loss

Real Women Dish on What Works For Weight Loss

The best weight-loss advice comes from those who’ve been there| so if you need some inspiration| check out our favorite tips and words of encouragement from a few of our Before & After stars. They’ve got smart advice and tried-and-true tricks to help you continue to see results. There’s bound to be a tip here that will get you excited about your own progress!

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| Jennifer

Pounds lost: 70

Her advice: “”For anyone beginning a weight-loss journey| the best advice I can give is to not cut anything out completely. Don’t change your diet so drastically| because you will get overwhelmed| and you won’t stick to it. Slowly make changes and transform your life. Remember: it’s not a diet; it’s a complete lifestyle change. It will take time| and you will get discouraged| but I promise you it will be worth it and you can do it u2014 I believe in you! I never thought that I would be able to lose 70 pounds. If I can do it| you can too!””

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| Kate

Pounds lost: 49

Her advice: “”Don’t be scared! And don’t think that you have to go crazy to get results. You don’t need to go on the strict diet| and you don’t have to pay a lot to see a personal trainer every week. It’s really not that hard to get the results you want. Just put on your walking shoes| replace that fizz with water| eat fruit not potato chips| and get out there. Sure| it might take a little bit longer| but at least you are slowly making healthy changes to your lifestyle rather than fizzling out after a couple of months.

“”Also| don’t be too hard on yourself! If you have a bad day| so what? There is always tomorrow. Don’t let one bad meal rule your life and prevent you from getting where you want to be.””

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| Kelly

Pounds lost: 105

Her advice: “”Seriously| go to the doctor first u2014 just to make sure there aren’t any underlying causes that may affect your progress. Then just be dedicated and patient. Both will give you results| I promise! My personal weight-loss journey has been fraught with frustration| and while I do admit that eating healthy is much easier when your life is on the line| in reality| everyone’s life depends on eating right and taking care of your body. You are given one chance| one life| and one body. Your life does depend on you taking care of yourself| every day and in every way!””

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| Jenniffer

Pounds lost: 68

Her advice: “”Don’t be afraid to start. It may seem daunting| but the most important thing I have discovered is that you need to make a mind shift. Educate yourself about food| your body. Find what works for you| and remember a diet is short-term u2014 it’s a lifestyle change. Don’t be disheartened if you have setbacks: keep going| and you will reach your goal.””

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| Marian

Pounds lost: 40

Her advice: “”Patience is going to be your best friend. We live in a society that wants results overnight without putting in the work. But that takes away the accomplishment and feeling of victory once you’ve achieved your goal. And you’re more likely to go right back into the old habits that put you in the position you’re in right now or when you started. Set yourself up for success and the ability to keep the weight off long-term by embracing the saying ‘Slow and steady wins the race.’ I tell my clients or anyone that will listen to give themselves about four weeks to start seeing even minor results| eight weeks for people who see you regularly to see a change| and 12 weeks total for every one else to notice a change if you’re staying consistent. I find that helps put things into perspective a little more.

“”Also| educate yourself. Weight loss is a big deal. And sometimes if not done right| it can be very dangerous. Don’t follow a fad diet or crazy workout routine blindly just because it promises you results. Everyone is different. Every body should not be treated the same. No one has walked in your shoes| just like no one has walked in mine. Educate yourself on proper nutrition and exercise so that you know how to listen to your body and respond to its signals appropriately.””

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| Mahina

Pounds lost: 40

Her advice:

  1. “”Don’t give up.””
  2. “”If you slip and have a bad day| accept it as that and move on u2014 don’t dwell or beat yourself up.””
  3. “”Don’t exercise to eat: eat to fuel. It can be yummy at the same time| but be careful about how you’re fueling your body (this took me the longest to learn).””
  4. “”Moderation is everything u2014 food and beverage intake| exercise| downtime| etc.””
  5. “”Listen to your body u2014 really| really listen. Are you hungry? Yes. Are you sure? Drink a cup of water u2014 how do you feel now? Tired? Take a nap or a rest day. Listening to your body is the best way to avoid injury| dull workouts| and even larger setbacks.””

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