For an Adorable Yoga Tush, Do These 6 Butt-Burning Poses

For an Adorable Yoga Tush| Do These 6 Butt-Burning Poses

If you’re looking to get a shapely| toned| and adorably round yoga butt| be sure to incorporate these six tush-targeting poses into your ongoing yoga practice.

| Goddess

  • Stand at the top of your mat in Mountain pose. Step open to the right| opening your legs about three feet apart. Turn your heels in.
  • Bend your knees| coming into a wide squat until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Your knees should be directly over your ankles| so adjust your feet if you need to.
  • Hold the arms up with the elbows bent at 90-degree angles| opening the palms away from you.
  • Hold here for five deep breaths.

| Warrior 3

  • Standing at the front of your mat with both feet together| shift weight into your right foot| and extend your arms overhead.
  • As you lift your left leg behind you| lower your chest so your torso and left leg are parallel to the floor. Draw your belly in to protect your lower back. If your lower back hurts| place your hands on your hips.
  • Balance in Warrior 3 for five deep breaths.
  • Repeat with the right leg lifted.

| Crouching Eagle

  • Begin standing tall at the front of your mat. Shift all your weight into your left foot| and lift your right knee up toward your chest.
  • Cross your right knee in front of your left knee| and bend both knees slightly| trying to wrap your right toes around the back of your left calf.
  • Keeping your drishti (gaze) on one point in front of you| cross your left elbow over your right elbow. Work on bringing your right fingertips toward the base of your left palm| and then lift your elbows straight up toward the ceiling.
  • Hold Eagle pose for five breaths| and then lower the elbows to touch the knees| staying for another five in Crouching Eagle.
  • Release| and repeat on the other side.

| Burning Low Lunge

  • Begin in Downward Facing Dog. Step the right foot forward between the hands| rising into Warrior 1.
  • Lower your torso| and reach your right arm underneath your bent right knee. Interlace both hands in front of your right ankle. Keep all the weight in your legs| resisting the urge to lean into your hands. If this is too intense for your thigh muscle to hold (it’s a killer move!)| rest one or both hands on the floor.
  • Breathe deeply in this Burning Low Lunge for five breaths.
  • Take a Vinyasa back to Down Dog| and repeat on the left side.

| Extended Locust

  • From Down Dog| shift the shoulders forward into plank position. Release your belly to the floor with your feet touching.
  • Extend the arms in front of you| and simultaneously lift your hands and feet into the air.
  • Lengthen through the spine by drawing the head away from the toes| holding for five breaths.

| Intense East

  • From a seated position with your legs extended straight out in front of you| place your hands behind your hips about six to eight inches| with your fingers pointing toward your toes.
  • As you inhale| press into your hands and feet firmly| lifting your hips into the air. Lift them as high as you can so your spine is in a long line. Slowly release your head back| looking behind you| opening through the throat.
  • Stay here in Intense East for five deep breaths.