9 Yoga Poses That Double as Awesome Sex Positions

9 Yoga Poses That Double as Awesome Sex Positions

Those yoga poses you’ve been mastering in class actually make excellent sex positions. See which ones YourTango recommends bringing into the bedroom!

Yoga is one of the best mind-body experiences you can give yourself. Naturally| it translates really well in the sack with your partner helping you build both intimacy u2014 AND a better body.

So why don’t we try some easy yoga moves that lend themselves perfectly to the bedroom? We love multitasking u2014 and being creative.

From Dead Bug to Child’s Pose| these moves are fun| exciting| and yoga-instructor approved. And you don’t have to be a total yogi to try these out either.

See more of these hot (and we don’t mean Bikram “”hot””) yoga poses for the sack.

| Downward Dog

This pose is one of the most commonly performed moves in yoga. It’s also known as Adho Mukha Svanasana; the pose resembles an upside down letter V.

“”Hands should be shoulder-width apart with equal spacing between your fingers. Keeping your feet hips width apart while channeling most of your energy into your hands by pushing the floor away from you while engaging your shoulders and upper body. Avoid arching and rounding of your back to obtain perfect positioning. This can easily be achieved by most and can always be modified until you can get your heels to reach the floor|”” says Murdock.

This move is ideal for stand up “”fun”” vs. your traditional ahem…doggy position.

| Child’s Pose

This is fairly easy and can be done in bed or on the floor| you pick! “”While kneeling| touch your big toes and sit on your heels while separating your knees so that they are hip width apart. Exhale and lay your upper body between your thighs. Lay your hands facing up alongside your torso with shoulders relaxed|”” says fitness expert and founder of Nadia Murdock Fit| Nadia Murdock.

Start standing on your knees with your knees hips distance apart. Bring your feet together and send your hips all the way back to your heels. Extend your arms in front of you while you send your hips back.

“”Your partner can then enter you from behind and pull your hips back while you stretch your arms forward. This creates a long beautiful back for your partner to admire|”” says celebrity yoga trainer Jessica James| creator of the We Heart Yoga prenatal DVD.

| Happy Baby (Dead Bug)

This pose doesn’t sound sexy by name| but it is by practice! Lie on your back with your tailbone on the floor. Hold the outside edges of your feet with your hands and draw your knees down toward the floor. Gets everything nice and open!

Theresa Polley| host and instructor at Retreat in the Pines yoga retreat| says this makes it perfect for hip opening u2014 and other areas| as well. In fact| this pose is often also called Happy Husband!

| Forward Bend

Begin standing and step your feet apart into a wide standing straddle. Forward fold and bring your hands to the floor for support. If you can’t comfortably reach the floor| bring your hands to a chair or your bed.

“”This can be a nice posture for oral sex as well. Your partner can enter from behind. Experiment with your legs at varying distances. Feet together forward fold can be a fun change too|”” says James.

| Reclining Butterfly

“”Lie on your back and surround yourself with pillows| then open your legs in a butterfly position| knees resting on the pillows. Widen your feet so your man can assume missionary position. Get very relaxed| breathe| there’s a lot of eye contact. This can be a very long lasting pleasurable position that can go on for a while!”” says former Playboy Playmate Carrie Minter| Owner and CEO of Carrie Minter’s Pilates Plus.

| Reclining Pigeon

Bend the left leg and put the foot down for support and to relax the spine. No one has fun if your back hurts!

“”The right shin can act as a support for the man on top and the angle of penetration here is very nice| and of course try both sides!”” says Vanessa Van Noy of Body and Breath Yoga.

| Shoulder Stand

This one is particularly amazing for hitting that spot that blows your mind| says Jessica Walsh| an instructor at YogiDance. You lie down on the bed and he holds onto your legs| lifts your bottom off the bed and puts your ankles on his shoulders.

He’s on his knees on the bed| or you can also do it at the edge of the bed with him standing. The angle is amazing for getting the G-spot| Walsh says. You still have a very intimate connection because you’re facing one another.

| Tree

Instead of keeping your foot against your thigh| you lift your knee up so that it’s as high as you can bring it toward your arm| just keeping it on his side is a nice standing pose where he can hold onto your leg.

Since you’re on one leg| it requires balance and core strength so that should motivate people to practice tree and other balancing yoga poses| says Walsh. Having him hold you makes it easier for newbies.

“”This is a great pose to do in the shower! It’s also one of my favorites because it’s very intimate and sexy! You get to look at your partner and have your bodies close the whole time. If you like your man’s arms around you| it’s perfect. It’s also a great position for breast touching as well| and guys like having that option. He’s holding onto your leg| and you can alternate who is in control! It’s also a great angle for both people to feel amazing|”” says Walsh.

| Wheel

This move is a real game-changer and is sure to spice up your bedroom activity. Depending on the strength of the individuals| either person can be on the top or bottom; get creative!

Wheel Pose also known as Urdhva dhanurasana can be easily modified for beginners.

“”Start by lying on the floor facing up and bend your knees with your feet flat on the floor. Keep your heels close to your sitting bone as much as possible. Next you want to bend your elbows and spread your palms on the floor beside your head. Your forearms are ideally perpendicular to the floor and fingers pointing toward your shoulders. Press your feet into the ground and take 2 to 3 breaths pushing upward| your tailbone up toward your pubis. Spread your shoulder blades across you back and let your head hang|”” says Murdock.

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