Why You Should Start Watching This Season of The Biggest Loser

Why You Should Start Watching This Season of The Biggest Loser

It’s true: I’ve watched my fair share of The Biggest Loser over the last few years| but as I sat on my couch with my roommate last night watching the premiere of season 16| something was different. We found ourselves crying| laughing| and feeling more connected to the show than we had in years u2014 it feels refreshed and more motivational than ever. I loved watching the first episode| and here’s why you should start tuning in.

| The Contestants Are True Competitors

One of the biggest changes that sets this season apart is that all of the contestants are former athletes u2014 NFL champions| tennis pros| and WNBA stars are all in the mix. All of these people have been in tip-top shape| but they’ve experienced emotional and physical hardships that have affected their health. Now| their job is to remember that they’re worth the effort| and given their athletic pasts| we know that the work ethic is there!

| The New Trainers Are Amazing

I’ve been slightly depressed that Jillian Michaels isn’t returning this season| but as soon as Jessie and Jennifer hit the screen| I knew the show was in great hands. These new trainers are enthusiastic about the process| excited to be on the show| and committed to their teams’ progress. I was particularly moved by Jennifer’s holistic message u2014 which I never expected to hear on The Biggest Loser. Jennifer explained that every decision we make is made from either a place of “”fear or love.”” She kept on urging her team u2014 and all the contestants u2014 to start moving and working from that place of love.

Beyond their time at the Biggest Loser ranch| I also appreciated that from the first weigh-in| all three of the trainers discussed how the decisions contestants will make back at home are just as important as the ones they’ll make when they’re on the show. Knowing that sustainability is in the forefront of these trainers’ minds made me feel confident and excited about what’s to come this season.

| The Workout Energy Is Different

In the past| the first workout was always painful for me to watch. Sure| seeing contestants cry| scream| and faint was still part of this season’s premiere| but the energy in the air was different. Instead of screaming at the contestants and making them feel like they were in trouble| Dolvett| Jennifer| and Jessie were urging and motivating the contestants u2014 Jennifer was sweating up a storm and working out hard alongside her team! At a certain point| I was so invigorated by the show’s energy that I thought I’d get up and start working out in my living room.

| Bob’s Got a New Job

At first| I was bummed not to see Bob Harper working out with a team of contestants. He’s been on the show since the first season| and I love his energy| enthusiasm| and no-nonsense approach to training. However| you’ll be thrilled to learn that while he doesn’t have his own team| Bob is still a big part of The Biggest Loser! He’s just got a new job on the ranch at a new location named Comeback Canyon.

Every week| eliminated contestants have a second chance to return to the game as a finalist. Two people will go to Comeback Canyon| spend a week training with Bob| then have a weigh-in. The winner of the weigh-in remains to take on the next eliminated contestant| and later in the season| the Comeback Canyon winner will rejoin the main competition. The kicker? No one knows that this is a new part of the competition! The eliminated contestant thinks they’re in a car heading to the airport to go home| but they’re dropped off with Bob instead.