Hate the Gym? Take a Tip From Blake Lively

Congrats to Blake Lively! The actress| who celebrated her 27th birthday this Summer| just announced that she and husband Ryan Reynolds are expecting their first child. Mom-to-be Blake may be known for her devotion to baked goods and aversion to the gym| but in reality| the happy homemaker is a health queen. Here’s how Blake balances cupcakes with cardio.

She cooks at home: There can be a lot of hidden calories in those restaurant meals| so Blake likes to whip up healthier dishes at home. “I use a lot of fresh ingredients| which really does make a huge difference. It’s easier to be healthy when eating things that are fresh| because they are often fruits and vegetables|” she told Extra.

She makes workouts fun: You won’t find Blake doing countless squats at the gym| but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t work out. “I’ve said before I hate the gym; I eat chocolate; yes| that part is true. But what they don’t print is I hate the gym| so what I do instead is find other ways to be active|” she said. “I ride bicycles| I hike| I go out and exercise in nature| and I’m active that way.” Even so| the actress has used trainer Bobby Strom to strengthen and elongate her famous legs: here are his top moves to get legs like Blake’s.She balances out her indulgences: Blake admits to loving things like hot fudge sundaes| so she also adds a juice to her day for a boost of nutrients and to balance out those indulgences. This kale| apple| beet| and lemon juice recipe is one of Blake’s favorites for “detoxifying” her body.Image Source: Getty